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Troy Aikman. Yeah, you could go Arthur Ashe or You could go Flo Jo, Florence Griffith Joyner. That whatever whoever your third pick is to go with luaus under and Jackie Robinson. That's got to be in the top. Five. No questions asked. Nobody has said Well, okay. I don't want to steal it. I'm gonna go here because George will offer it up, George and pick Wow. How are you? Great Lance and I got one for Michigan. Yes. Um Derek Jeter. You know what, though? See, you fell into a trap that a lot of people have. Derek Jeter signed with the Yankees and never played for Michigan. He later graduated, went back to classes and graduated, got his degree. But he never played baseball at Michigan. He does not make the list. Don. Thanks. What is a thank you? I'll give you a nice substitute, though. You ready? Jeter is the most often one raised to me. It was raised on my Facebook page that I had to say, uh, didn't play at Michigan. But Michigan with Tom Brady. Very Larkin. And Chris Webber. That's a hell of a three. That's a hell of a three. What else is out there? Oh, Well, wait a minute. I found one that's gonna wind up in the top five. Think think Big 12 conference. All right, we'll do. This is what we'll do We'll. There's another segment. We'll do some more 5137491 7800 the big £1.718 t. I'll also give you if you're if you're thinking of putting him on the list. Now I forget which school Itwas which which scolded Michael Phelps go to because everybody who said Michael Phelps said. I said Michael Phelps didn't swim there. Michael Phelps signed a an endorsement deal with Speedo would which meant his eligibility was gone. He'd never swam at. Where did Michael Phelps go? Hold on where I looked this up earlier today. I've got so many schools going through my head trying to compare all of them. He went to Can I find my Michael Phelps? Michael Phelps went to Mm hmm. Didn't uh, I don't know. I looked it up earlier today and now I can't find it wherever he went. He did not swim there. That's gonna bug me. I gotta look it up during the break, So don't just don't pick Michael Phelps because he didn't swim there. Uh, time out. Oh, I'm way late. Let's check news a bottom they are you create sports talk. Presented by Kelsey Chevrolet 700, wlw news, traffic and weather. Use radio 700. W L jealousies. Cincinnati The next step in the former president's impeachment trial taken tonight on Capitol Hill, with the 7 30 Report on Sean Gallagher breaking now. Article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump, now in the hands of the United States Senate after House impeachment managers delivered and read the article. In the last half hour, two senators the House on January, 13th voted to impeach Trump, accusing him and of inciting the deadly insurrection of the capital. January 6th. When Congress was meeting in a joint session to certify Joe Biden's election win. Donald Trump is the only president to be impeached twice in a change from Trump's first impeachment, it will not be the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court presiding over the Senate trial, a Senate source telling ABC News that the Senate president pro tempore, a Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy, and not chief Justice John Roberts is expected to preside at the president's Senate trial. Senators typically preside when the impeached is not the president of the United States. Democrats, for their part, say that because Trump isn't a sitting president, he should be treated as any federal official who is not president and as delicate Terry. ABC NEWS Washington Senators will be sworn in as jurors tomorrow. With the trial not starting until the week of February. 8th. This will give the Senate time to confirm President Biden's Cabinet nominees and the former president to prepare His.

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