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Affording a walkout I'm Erin vendor live from the KFI twenty four hour newsroom mayor Garcetti says he's ready to play peacemaker, and a possible teacher strike I will do anything that I can to make sure that there is not a strike or if a strike is called, to directly intervene in negotiations and I've made that offer to the superintendent may that, offer, to the union says, reasonable pay increases are appropriate but anything too big could send the district off a fiscal, cliff Garcetti says. Many teachers he's spoken with they're. More concerned about class sizes teenage boy hit stuck in a rip current in Laguna beach has had an unlikely person surf, out to save him mayor Tom Tate had just taken off his shoes from work to get ready. To go out for dinner, when he. Heard people, yelling help help he says the fifteen year old boy had gotten pulled out about one, hundred feet by last Friday's huge riptide and was stuck, on the rocks ran downstairs and there's a, surfboard this little storage area and I grabbed it and ran out to the beach and pedaled out and got him, and brought, them in Says he hasn't surfed in years and he's. Not very good but the, rip made. It easy, to get out there and save the boy life cards are out there doing it day, in and day out in here mayor does it gets, a lot of Credit Corp. Carson KFI news, a couple is starting to go fund me for a do gooder a homeless man of left guy no good Was that. Used as, last twenty bucks to buy a woman from New Jersey gas the story went viral she and her boyfriend started a gofundme for the. Guy that race four hundred thousand dollars the couple had vowed to buy the vet a. House SUV and set him up with a lawyer and a financial, advisor they did buy him, an RV, but later kicked, him out of it and sold it they say they've. Spent half the money taking, care of them and they won't give him the other half because, they say, he's not responsible enough go. Fund me is now working with lawyers to determine whether the money has been mismanaged the vet is. Back on the streets and doing drugs and says he feels betrayed Julius later KFI news former CDC director Thomas Friedman has appeared, in court to face, criminal charges ABC's Mark Remillard says freidan. Sat stone-faced in New York courtroom as, the judge outlined the allegation more simple touching sex abuse, and harassment after a woman accused him of groping her on October twentieth two. Thousand seventeen in his Brooklyn home the judge ordered freedom to refrain from any contact with. His accuser man to surrender his passport freidan, failed to enter a plea but says the allegations do not reflect his behavior or values he's scheduled back in. Court. In October campsites in California, are being taken over. By bots third-party vendors we're using computer programs to buy open campsites the minute they went online and some of these third. Party vendors do provide their services, for an extra caught in California's state parks spokeswoman glorious. Sandoval says, the reservation system has just been modified if it is seen those spots that are that are fucking those reservations we have place a. Firewall of all says they've also changed up the policy on extending reservations to stop people. From sitting on sites Kris Ankarlo KFI news traffic from the helpful, socal Honda traffic center crash, on the, one on one, in Hollywood this one's on the southbound side just past. Sunset Boulevard it's the, left, lane blocked and slowing down that drive away from our street now it's also, tough as you make your. Way through the Newhall pass for hearing about this crash on the five north to the fourteen north. Connector looks like they're trying to get route lanes on that transition cleared up a little bit of slow down making your way, through also.

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