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September first KCBS, financial news now. Jason Brooks joining us from the KCBS super micro Intel, money desk and Jason. What's it's bad news for tesla? Sousa Tesla's been dealt of blows tries to evade tariffs on Chinese imports. Reuters reports that the US trade representative's office denied Tesla's requests for tariff relief on the model three computer and display screens made in China stating that both concern a product strategically important or related to made in China twenty twenty-five or other Chinese industrial programs. Tesla wanted relief on claims the tariffs will cause economic hardship to tesla pressuring its profit margins. Shares a tesla however are up by one and a half percent. In stocks overall are heading higher looking to get back on the winning side of the ledger after two down. Days is a big reason for the gain as crude surges higher following attacks to oil tankers near the coast of Iran Oil right now, moving higher by two percent after falling to a five-month low yesterday. Dow up by sixty three points at twenty six thousand sixty seven NASDAQ gaining thirty nine points to seventy eight thirty one and the s&p is up by eight points at twenty eight eighty eight initial jobless claims up another three thousand two hundred twenty two thousand but still pretty close to a five decade low the Labor Department says most of the increase came from California, and Pennsylvania, on the money watch Jason Brooks KCBS. It's flu. And you know I don't get shampoo. The first half of the word is sham and the second part, you definitely don't want to see in the shower. That's why I made up in meet word flow tech, the feeling of security, you get when you're new houses protected by home insurance through.

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