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Just happened to be right there on the border. You know, was it was one of those Tesla's it blew up. I was at a tesla is what it was. They were driving those electric cars. Secure about the environment. Right and says the road sucked air, and you can straighten the battery blew up. Yeah. No. That's that's you know, what that's a possibility. Yes. And what's up? Maybe you can clarify something for me. Maybe I'm so ignorant on. But I don't think so isn't gonna military at right? And weapons and things. For those weapons that you have to be twenty one to buy a weapon seriously. To weapon you entry twenty one to buy a weapon that you would put a six year olds hands. So they would learn proper range etiquette cry. Yes. Correct. I can't it's it's inexplicable. It's it's much like the the barbecue gone wrong down at the border there. So well my hand. I had my cereal out. Well, don't. Because if it's a hateful theory that is goes against our values. Then it's not good. Okay. The bomb. Let's keep it clean. Well, I appreciate it. And she said bomb. They'll TSA they call in sick never mind. They'll get they'll get to you. Don't worry. A young man decided that he just absolutely had to have a new iphone and a new ipad. But he didn't have the money. So he sold his kidney on the black market. Don't sell your kidney on the black market by late juicy the scar. On that dude in the story Ross when you were putting it the Russ tweeden some you usually the scar size that scar. Nice. That's it you you could get all the guts out of that thing. It's almost as if. They're not using traditional. Best practices surgical incisions on the kidney, black market market. So now your doctor. No. I know I'll show a picture to an actual doctor will Dr Kevin Campbell and later, and he could tell me if that looks a little too big. But I don't know. I just didn't think a kidney was the scientists of a Cadillac. Well, believe it or not. He's he's got some complications. And doctors are concerned that he could face a lifelong disability, and perhaps be bed bound. Due to complications from the black market kidney selling, but if you're going to be bed bound, I guess at least you have a new ipad, right? So that's good. Yeah. I just got make sure keep it charged. All right, seven forty four on the day radio program..

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