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That everybody. Well what we cut. We can't tell L. whether it's scientifically accurate because WHO's measuring at what point. The ball was last. Played that putting all kinds of lines down about the player who is deemed to be off-side but when was the ball actually loss played. If you'RE GONNA split it down to find a margin it's it's an inexact science so there are still going to be an exact excite stevie. Stevie have you been happy watching the goals that have been disallowed in the last few nights and over the festive period. Because some of them have been a false. The BENEF- Sade by is it off. Say You do not say solve Sade. They have one in billion pet is offsite. So that's fine. So why don't we accept that and get going. Well when was was the bowl last. Played exactly okay. So if you if you unless you make this unless you make this line a food wade you still go argue when the bowl was played in played and if you meet the lane yard wait as I said defenders have no option but to stop dropping wheel off off and then well what does our that. That's nonsense you will get rid of defending your show. That will be a consequence of this. I you one hundred percent. Well if I'm a defender if I've got a brain domke I'm going to give the guy because I think he's running in behind. I'm going to give him a little sliver. And then I'm I'M GONNA make sure to get back because I don't want the lanes though on the referee messing up if I know that it's daylight or you're gonNA make the line whatever white. I have no choice but to get myself goal site and not means I'm.

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