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Sometimes i did it sometimes but it is there is an inverse relationship between how good you are as wet us medications reckon how often you're in a cable tv green rem i think i did the job for well over a year before ever did a single television interview non that a smooth is the bush by any stretch of imagination impassively could be but i do know now that the call ryan eliza in accused by fellow white house staffers of her particularly limber former self pleasure you never disown you never did that i never did add about acts or if i did i did it off the record sorry ron um i think the other lesson is that trump really will throw anyone under the bus any time there is no loyalty they're like this you can you can give up your life give up your career go work for the trump white house and inevitably you will be thrown under the bus you will like your dignity will be loss it has it's just a recipe for disaster i don't know how this guy gets any one to work for him it never turns out well doesn't matter who you are yeah it's just the he will turn on you you will whatever you reputation is when you start and john kelly watch you probably the tested us yeah love your vacation is when you start it will be destroyed in this process and maybe you'll surviving get to continue being humiliated for longer than the mood was leased they put the moves out of his misery the mitch could have been like bannon or some of these other people who get humiliated hang around only to surface in get humiliated again.

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