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Okay, Ticket be Friday, rods out Larry's out. Mark Willard in Tommy's here, Chad Millman in just a little bit. I was interested in what you just said. About the young quarterbacks like if if you could have any of you take Herbert, you sort of mentioned burrow into. Uh, I wonder how far that stretch though. Like Where does he rank in the entire league? Let's take all the 30. Something's out of this, but like, you know, there's there's Watson. There's Mahomes. Um guys like that? Where would you? Uh, where would you put Herbert on that kind of a list? Now, if you could, if you could grab any of them to start your team Well, I mean that zoo little tougher go through every single quarterback, but, dude, I do think you have, uh, you have to factor in the money and that's what makes it So attractive. I don't think It's a coincidence that Seattle is able to win when Russell Wilson was on his rookie contract, Mahomes was on his rookie contract. And you're talking about, you know extraordinary quarterbacks, but the quarterback The way they play now. Everything's accelerated. Like what they used to be in your three. They could be by the end of year one now, so I would definitely have to factor that in. I mean, you have your best quarterbacks in the game. And way mentioned three of them to Sean Watson's one of them. Mahomes is the best. Russell Wilson is certainly one of them. Uh, Trager's, if you mean Roger's, if you're right and still the whole age conversation. Exact. Tyler Maria Miller's the other. What do you think you know more Jackson and challenged here wouldn't pick him. Josh Allen's gonna be with He? You know what Josh Allen might be number one on my list at really? Yeah, just because he's still making minimal money, And I'm looking at this over the next, let's say four years or three or four years when their rookie contracts run out. Because it's gonna be harder and harder each year now for the Chiefs to feel the same team because of all the money my homes is making. We saw. How it ravaged the Seahawks, and they've done a hell of a job. It's staying at the top and being one of the best teams. But their defense just got destroyed because he was making that type of money. And it's not like you to keep the defense and let the quarterback go cause his quarterback driven driven league. But my whole point is you get these guys. They're young. They're really good. And you could surround him with really good players and sign some really good players. You're in great shape. So I think Josh Allen's a prime example of that, like I think He right now He's he's done more than Herbert. He's gone through a lot of the bumps in the road and looks like he started to even things out. Steady the ship a little bit on his way to, you know, being a consistently really good quarterback. I still think there's the Josh on experience in there where they're gonna be. Gains were like dude, What are you doing out there? You're killing me. What it seems like. Those are few and far between Herbert still gonna have that stuff. Probably. I mean, let's be honest. The charges aren't going anywhere. Not that it's easy to play quarterback. There's always a certain amount of pressure playing quarterback. But there's less pressure when games aren't as meaningful as they are when you're trying to make the playoffs, or you're trying to get a top seed, some like that, so we'll have to see how that goes next year. But you, Alan, maybe over the next four years. Hey, maybe. I mean, it'd be hard to say I'm not going to go with my homes. But you also have to factor in humble homes could be making you know 35 40 money year, so I don't know. I don't know. But Herbert would be up there. Herbert, probably top 10. For me based on what he looks like, and the amount of money he's making. Certainly if he was making 25 year, then I'd have to adjust that a little bit, But I think with quarterback you always have to factor in how they play and what they make because it has such a huge effect on the field. And a huge effect on the off the field by virtue of what kind of team you can field around him. It's Zeina. Look at the list of what everybody's making believe or not. Josh Allen makes more than Patrick Mahomes this year, but I know what you're thinking because the contract has been signed and it's about to kick in and And Alan, and when it does, doctor that's gonna be fun, right? But it's fun. It's fun to look at the list of like, Yeah, I mean, I'll give you some names that make more than Josh Allen, Nick Foles, Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Sam Donaldson. And Marcus Mariota, who makes animals twice as much. Midst Robiskie, Teddy Bridgewater. These guys all make significantly more than Josh Alan. And so Yeah, that's that's a weapon. On D That's I mean, that's part of it. To me. That's a big part of the consideration for what the 40 Niners may or may not. Do you have in the in the off season. All right, let's dive into this further the numbers and that beyond good buddy, of course, Chad Millman of the show. Is going to join us. Next Farhaan Zotti coming up at the top of the hour TK be on a Friday on the sports. Later she.

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