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At ninety five. Hurry, shoot. Story. Forty two. Aw for Kurri Kurri circles into the lane. In boston. Steph curry Scott. Torching. The Celtics here down the stretch by Steph curry, forty nine points, more three pointers. Had a couple of big shots down the stretch of the quarter quarters. Well, it gets a very game Celtics team. Now back to the leadoff spot. With Adam Copeland on KNB are six eighty the sports leader. This a good time to bring us up somebody on the text line. This has become a popular thing in society, and op culture. I don't know where you get a Tom Tolbert. Does it all the time with Steve Young? We saw the Jimmy Fallon identify with Steph. Curry listeners are telling me that they should give me a word every day. And then I should slip it into the face off with Murph and MAC, Dave your thoughts on the slipping in the word. It's got to be a good work. It's got to be something something, really. I don't know. Topical ninety nine to five is has. Yeah. It should be maybe topical ninety-five said go with the word percolate today. Now. Murph and MAC, paulie, MAC could be listening right now. Murph is not listening right now. Murph listens for about fifteen minutes early on then he gets here and he hits his room to do his prep work. So he would not. Hear the word if we unveiled the word in this say. So eight away Cambier if you've got a word you want me to slip in percolating right now is the the clubhouse fit the leader in the clubhouse leader in the clubhouse at clubhouse favorite favorite on the border Vegas favorite winning? All right. So can't be a word. We'll get to that. But first I want to get into some of this stuff from last night. The Lakers you take a loss at the hands of the clippers. They're working their way further and further out of playoff positioning out of the playoff picture. Also, the Denver Nuggets, by the way last night last night lost again, they've lost three in a row. So the warriors with a full two game lead over the Denver Nuggets. This coming about a week after we heard the the the thing we hear every year about this time is that warriors don't need the one seed. No, they don't need the one seed. But but it would be nice. I still think and I know, I know the ifs and buts were candies and nuts, and if you're an had balls, she'd be your uncle, but she doesn't. So she's not Chris Paul didn't play last year or Chris Paul didn't get hurt last year the end of that that rocket series. I think goes a lot different for the warriors. Dave, do you have it? If your aunt had balls, she'd be all she'd be it on Bush's. And so she's not. And then I got a request your from the ninety five asking for the D rod sound if you got a a D rod drop for us. No ninety five also checks in San used the word hijinks hijinks would be a good one. I kind of like hijinks more than I like percolate right now. Dave Dave gives the nod kind of rhymes with my name, and I've been accused of being that before too. So it really works. Well, what instead of Dave Dave hijinks? I. All right. Let's get into some of the sound from yesterday, though, Kyrie Irving who's sitting at USF at war memorial. Gym do what his up on the hill doing his his post practice press conference? I guess he left the game the other night, and he gave what somebody did the count on it. He gave a thirty eight word post-game presser was all pissed off. At the media. Didn't wanna talk is talked about the the. Just like the toxic environment. That is around the Celtics that none of his teammates have showed up ready to play. My problem is kyri Irving. Never seems like he's a super pleasant guy to be around seems like he's always on edge. Seems like he's upset wherever he goes. He's clearly the star player all the time. He can get busy eat whenever he wants. But then he miles off to the media seems like he's short with his teammates yet guys like, Marcus. I'm blanking Marcus Morris. San like, hey, the, you know, we're not playing well together. We're not we're not a cohesive team. And this is interesting because they ask Kevin Durant. A lot about this yesterday after practice, but kyri Irving, I says that the reason he's not happy is that it's all about the media. I get tired of everybody.

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