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Walk the clones. Also I think maybe he could hand out. New Propaganda and walk delivers his conscriptions. I don't suppose I could be conscripted. Could I what a funny Clip Gioja ravage is written and directed by teen and it stars Roman in Griffin Davis Thomasson Mackenzie Scarlett Johansson takeout with Td. As well Sam Rockwell. Rebel Wilson Alfie. Allen Steve Merchant Archie. Yates who's that little kid. You love and echoed so bad bad for you. I enjoyed it. We were movie and I could not stop myself from laughing is. They're not using the movie. That was not do them. So everybody just to be nuclear rose not that far Larry definitely not actual not this look any time locals onscreen. I lost my f ING mind. I thought I'd turned to Henry and I couldn't help it. He's got a Harry Potter. Look to them frigging the DARVA. Give us that give us lead. Sweet had sweet. I'm Debbie Synopsis. We crave and an admire so much a young boy. In Hitler's army finds out German accent. No I can't do excellence since young boy. Inhalers hit Hitler's army finds out. His mother is hiding them. A young boy and Hitler's Army finds out. His mother is hiding Jewish girl in their home that they had they get worse and worse so yeah this one is Taco what. TT's latest film. Who just did thor Ragnarok is my yeah he also did he join our next one right now? Lebron he is and he yeah. He's doing thor four and you also did hunt for the wilder people which we may reviewed Eagle vs Shark. Yeah y'all Ashley. Keep your sleeping on his deep deep video you might subtitles. It's fine get over. Also he executive produces sick movies like the breaker uproar. I still haven't team because says fortunately the day has yet come Ri- require it. It's like in the vault for when things go. Hey might be Sunday. Hey Hey that was for Henry. ME's are not everybody has a little not no clue. It's GonNa go great. Don't worry not everything burns down in flames. It's okay what I'm saying about your thing. Yeah Oh hey. Hey it's okay then turns money's nicer than that house was okay. That's that that that on that. Thank you boy Henry Nine places today. It's fine what a mess. So yeah this one caused. I mean we talked about it on the last show but had some real controversy version. You can controversy thousand rockets of the release with Disney taking over a century Fox but luckily it did come come out in theaters. One and people would say luckily and yeah. It's just a Anazi satire. In a I would say a lot more than that. Oh yeah sure it's it's I feel like okay okay so I didn't realize that a lot of people in my life were very opposed to this movie prior hard to be like like my okay who so basically as Henry knows invited someone to and they seem like they they were down to see a movie and then they looked at the movie and in all caps. I cannot believe you want to see this movie Pop Culture Hitler was like okay I I said and I okay because I I still don't fully but I'm trying to. I mean I guess you can get it from afar the point that's being made their sure. Sure and then I was like Whoa okay. This person I usually agree on this kind of stuff right okay. So then came up again or they told my mom or whatever. 'cause you know Pamela. I'm good you you know. She's The lady she's my Scarlett Johansson. She really fair. Yeah not that I'm a little Nazi boy but let Dang Okay but the point is nobody is okay. Anyway we'll get there anyway So my mama to like like no Lianne till she was like I was very upset about it until you told me that. Like he's a truck you know can put my faith and trust in in Taika. Oh Oh yeah who. In case not that it should matter really. But he's Jewish man. There's an extra level of understand you know not that it's you know I don't. I don't think it should matter particularly like spite. You know as we all know spike Lee I think the most beautiful movies deporting the Jewish people in a in a while clansman. So there we go because you know that. Hey I'm again I know it's GonNa be rough. It's a lot of those as as long as you that but anyway so I said well really in I was like yes. It's not I don't want to and then my boss. Alan Alan Crazy Allen I said Oh he loves John with three John Wicks got keanu reeves has a girlfriend runs through. Will he deserves. You're basically Jonah Reeves. You know that thank you you really are. I don't I don't know if I get that but I don't do that. No Real I mean. He's a cool guy. I'll I'll take that. But how will my Keanu reeves time sold the kind of attitude towards life teams the kind of nonchalant this the shocking shocking. It's very good though. It's not a bad thing I want to use the were naievty. Thank you but not in a bad way at all serious known you know what I mean. I wasted now like that. I don't know but it word no. That's okay pure soul thank you yeah. You're a little cloud just walk. You know you just crisscross applesauce sound your low cloud around town. Okay Anyway. Glad we got that anyway so and create and then my boss Allen also Jewish man it was like I don't WanNa know know everything every day I said for real. I had not occurred to me that this was a thing that people would be upset as like this has been going on since because what is the best s. way the only way to fight or to if you you should keep my advice for anyone who is dealing with that guy and you can obviously feel that way. I'm still like trying to get on the other side translink about it in that way. I just can't see for whatever reason but like if you listen to not to talk about that. I think that brings confidence you know and I mean because he always move so sweet and they're such that you kind of anyway so so but the only way to like the people like Hillary whatever they just like living groff of fear right and what are you what cows only really counteract fears joy which laughter. Yeah you know what I mean so so over there and they say it was a thing it was like. What are women afraid? This is a little different but did made me think of it was like what are women or whatever the thing he said that this is not the point of the statement part of the statement is Henry is GonNa fire me. You can't fire me anyway so you can't no. I would never know 'cause you would die. I'd I be here by myself. You won't be you'll be a ghost. Yeah I be here I mean yeah. It's not worth that. Everybody everybody Honestly nobody knows Henry's ZIP tied right now. He doesn't but like men are most afraid of being laughed at. Or whatever like a common thing yes it's like a common thing I don't have that fear but you're I know you're a real Kiana. Okay what can I say. You're your biggest fears that locates going to drop his ice soclean before even getting one single lick no. My biggest fear is machine. Factory accident being buried. Yeah no I don't have that fear. If it happens I would be terrified but I do not have that fear like I didn't wake up at night saying Oh God I got buried alive. Isn't it still though Very strange right before we movie. That was crazy because I don't have that for you even if you do right in I wanNA know what they plan on. The FO's map the whole time I was thinking that is somebody had to crumble a bunch of oreos bad for Williams Yaman up right now. Yeah so anyway but we're talking about. Oh yes so there's like a big so there's strife. is so some people are like no thanks. Thanks shouldn't even what even we shouldn't even talk about Hitler. Or like probably probably brevity the situation I think is where a lot of people go with it like this should not be joked about like. It's not a laughing matter right But that's it's a satire. It's most powerful thing. Charlie Chaplin. Did it Malboro. We got some Jews doing these things. Where longtime 'cause you're GonNa do you know you don't have all the power in the world and and yes especially like you said these days so it's interesting this is don't worry I'm getting into it now? Because he tried to make two thousand eleven. It was blacklisted. Because we were like we want why not is Then Fox make it now. Perhaps due to the circumstance hers resting. Yeah and things just happen the away. They may be interesting right. The line as it were as as a satire so the point is like we can see it now in a special context. That wasn't there so we should be able to use Jewish. We've had to get through as a people to hopefully stop it from happening in the future. I think should and if the best way to do that which I think it often is is thrill to laughter and joy because I think that's the best way off north and that's how we should do it and I think that's the best way to do it because it allows us to. It's the most relatable. There's empathy there right like it humanizes people I think the other. I think this is the stuff I should have talked about it at the end but we might get the way now right the other thing. The other thing is like It'll be better if I can. Okay now like the big things. It's gotTa your vegetables. You know what we can talk about. How pretty the movie looked you? GotTa your veggies veggies. Get Your Green. You got to know so Dante that to a Jew defending your freedom lewd. Did you do there friends. You've listening. They feel me people say we love money oh I see yeah anyway anyway anyway but sorry for that slipup will never be President John. Maybe if Canada. Oh yeah yeah if if I was able to become president before I said that with all of the things as we have said on here I'm you know that would be amazing or a shock more so but I mean we can look. I thought I'm racist. Every film. Buds isn't filled with racism. We'll tell you can be racist and president and I you who apparently fiscal girls girls who tried to lean into it anyway that with the children okay. So anyway I think the other thing with this movie especially one character particulars arc that I for a second like the person one of my. The people like my friend who was I. I can't believe I see that. I know he would not have liked this character's arc because it makes somebody who's done bad things more complex character more than the atrocities. They've been part of right. And that's that's a form of resentment that is unbelievably understandable right like nobody likes Nazis. Nazi's obviously right. But the point is movie and I think it was really brave and strong of TYCO. Itt and you. You can really only do it as a person who's like family was destroyed vibe like strong like because I obviously watch it as a Jewish person right like Da. Yes so so I'm watching it. Having centered around a little boy who's A Hitler youth who's basically it's talks about it. Basically just shows the fact that he's been like brainwashed and does not know what's going on really really and Mike how simultaneously shows how easily hatred can be painted into the minds of of low people of all people but especially those people how. It's not really there. You know what I mean. How can still be all enough? Big themes amazing themes whatever but the point point. I'm focusing on right now..

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