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At the town's middle school WBZ TV is Christina rex as in a meeting last night school officials did their best to assure parents victim is at Boston children's hospital with serious injuries her family released a new statement saying we feel blessed to be part of such a great community and this opinion has only grown stronger with the outpouring of support our daughter is on the mend and is looking forward to seeing her classmates soon we could not have asked for a better situation twenty four hours later than we were yesterday to get the parents to allow us to release that statement as a victim of covers and the suspect goes through the legal process parents are processing not only their kids emotions but their own very scary extremely scary really really don't expect this kind of thing to happen many parents are asking for better communication should another violent incident to car an act of kindness turns bitter sweet for some teenagers in Attleboro WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe fans that title world high senior Jack Sweeney and some of his friends pulled money together and bought long time custodian Tony Coelho a new pair of work boots for Christmas it was recorded and posted on social media most of the feedback was positive but someone raised a question about a potential violation of state ethics rules which bands giving gifts worth more than fifty dollars to public employees principal bill Dooney is astounded someone would take an act of kindness and twisted into something negative I think it's small mindedness hurtful and short sighted custodian Coello meantime wants no part of the uproar he's decided to donate the new boots to someone who really needs them I am a senior Jack Sweeney what he learned from this whole experience giving back is always a great.

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