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Us Jean grey and cyclops labeled as pray. And I kinda love this card because cyclops looks kinda normal. But Jean grey who I assume is supposed to be Connecticut flying. She's really close to the ground. So just looks like she's in the process of totally wiping out having just tripped like I dunno, I, it's really wonderful. So this again, and for reasons that will come up later in this episode, I've been thinking a lot about birds and superheroes who act like. Words, and this takes me back first of all to the running joke on waiting for the trade about the Phoenix just acting like a bird and doing things like trying to pick fights with mirrors, and also to the i. which then takes me to the idea of superheroes flying into windows, which I find really funny like probably funnier than it really justifies Warren. Kenneth Worthington, the third, you watch where you're go on. Yes, see, it's always funny and that brings us to the card from chapter ten, right? That's the dark riders and they are hunters. Chapter eleven has archangel hunter, and finally, these sparkley pointy star of the show himself strife who is unsurprising Lee according to strife a hunter also. He's definitely the smoldering bad ass hero whose probably got a fancy sword and dark flashing eyes, and he's bound on revenge to all the people who wronged him and nobody understands him. But you diary it's true. It's true, which brings us to uncanny x men number two hundred ninety six crescendo life. The other uncanny issues. This is written by Scott lob dole with pencils by Brandon Peterson and inks by Terry Austin. And we've been doing this the entire crossover in often do it in our show in general. But we're definitely going to be moving around certain plot points just so we don't go back and forth and back and forth. And essentially Rick. Half the comic and be very boring. So we'll start out even though the issue doesn't at the exhibitor school there. Beast has finally extracted strifes bullet at from executor and working in parallel with him on the other side of the Atlantic Mira. McTaggart has been able to extract the computer code responsible for his disease, and I love this part. So fucking much because you'd think it would be like, you know, as an season and jeez or something like that. No, no, no, no. The virus is in fact like a computer virus and it's a big screen with a picture of strifes face on it laughing and the tax scrolling infinitely over that face. You are smart, but I am smarter. This is fucking straight out of hackers. This is like the cookie, monster Flemish flexing pen, Gillette in the 'climactic hacking seen near the end. I love everything about ninety s this is, oh, man. I was gonna ask what strifes hacker handle would be. But no, it would obviously just be strife with ally totally, which is striped with a lie, ma- maybe that's how he got started. Maybe he was a renegade hacker played. Jonny Lee Miller in earth forty, nine, thirty five or whichever one it was. Has anyone ever written like at a specifically a hackers, a you of nineties x. men because I would just I would read the shit out of that. Didn't this come up on the show awhile in the past where we realized that if kitty Pryde and Doug Ramsey were in the hackers university would just use their normal superhero names because cypher and shadow cat already sound like hackers names, right? And I was thinking about that and it kind of goes for everyone..

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