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Much like who was. Prince explores the life of prince and his influences remmy. Martin joins with international music star. Usher in team up for excellence. The film exploring the history of music culture and koniak see the film at team up for excellence. Dot com remmy. Martin koniak forty percent alcohol by volume imported by remy-cointreau usa. New york new york please drink responsibly. This is not mark dobson ladies making plane. During the obama administration he served as counselor domestic and economic policy director for then vice president by the also was appointed by president. Barack obama's executive director of the president's council on jobs and competitiveness it federal government's efforts in the economic recovery of the city of detroit. So these. Emily qualified talk about. We're gonna talk about today. I will also mention that during twenty twenty presidential campaign. Our guest served as executive just counselor to to president joe biden during the twenty twenty presidential campaign crowded that he was an executive vice president head of corporate responsibility and community relations at key bank. He is currently the nineteenth. Deputy secretary of commerce deputy secretary on graves. Joyce's don't make it plain welcome brother how are you. I'm great reverend..

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