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The number out there. Eight oh, eight kmby are. Anything on your mind from the weekend. Just throw that out there quickly. What's up, Ken? How are you man? I'm good. How was the botchy ball tournament this weekend? Fantastic. It was a huge success. There's a long day yesterday but raised a ton of money. Good. Good. Good. Good. Good use this year. Yeah. Can't wait. So how was your weekend? It's wonderful thing. It was it was it was very boring. I didn't do anything. So we give him now. We're good. We're good. We're wanting to I mean. I mean, just yeah. We'll get into it. Now, the the thievery let's get that goes on tomorrow morning. All right. Saying I just say, you know, what we talked about it last week that if we lost a guest to the morning show. I'd be rotated, and we did name your price on tonight. Let's start the week off with a negative tone. Franson no because the positive tone is there's a time to talk about today. Absolutely. A lot of good things. They came in. We'd be. They weren't just Belinda cough. All over again, f p how are you? I know you return from Santa Barbara. I think f p may have had the the weekend that I'm jealous for sure when it comes to everyone around here talking to everybody when I got in the building today because he wanted to Santa Barbara, right? Jeff good time down there. I know you're hanging out with a bunch of the coeds. Go chose baseball. I'm not weekend. Went to all those events is really cool scene. Head coach Andrew Checketts, Al Ferrara all those guys and just being in Santa Barbara seventy five degrees down there. A movie every time you go down there. And it's crazy being like, I guess eight months removed out of there. I didn't realize how good I had it. It's nice down there, man. That's the best. So what did you do? Just hang out. Go frat house. Oh, no. Oh, you don't do that. I thought he would have you know, it felt like I was. Occasion, exactly running around. I'm a baseball player. Exactly running around Franck used to tell everybody has the broadcaster used to just talk bad about it. I ever worked for you. Sometimes..

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