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McClintock of California. Congressman Tom graves of Georgia as we discuss this ridiculous thousand page Bill that they're voting on with no time to even read the stupid thing, which is so typical of Nancy Pelosi congress, the idea, look, I'll be honest at the end of the day, if the president signs this and the president uses all of the funds that he can appropriate use the defense funds that he has the ability to discretion to spend as he chooses. Let me put it that way and the president simultaneously, declares a national emergency. I think that's a win win Donald Trump because he has money to continue building the wall is he's doing now in the interim as Democrats challenge it in court congressman McClintock would that work for you. Go absolutely it would. And again, we we need to remember. There are two mortal perils facing our country. One of one of them's the class of our borders, but the others. The collapse of our finances. I mean history warns us that countries that lose control their borders, or that bankrupt themselves simply aren't around very long. So we have to ask ourselves. How does this Bill affect these mortal dangers and the answer is it is wholly inadequate to secure our borders and Moussa's further toward a sovereign debt crisis. It could be fatal to our country. I agree a word. We'll give to Tom graves. You only got about fifteen seconds. Tom, sean. I think we've got a great opportunity here to just take a break. Get this thing. Right. Make sure our customs and border protection have all the resources necessary to secure our homeland. And this is the one opportunity in moment, we have to do it. Now, we stand firm here and get it. Right. Yeah. Well, that would be a refreshing change, and it'd be nice. If people actually read a Bill before they vote on it. All right, guys. Thank you both. When we come back. News roundup information overload. How are the Democrats gonna deal with this new civil war among their new hard radical extreme left that has taken over there party? That's coming up. In our news roundup information overload and tonight, the definitive breakdown on Hannity of what was an attempted silent coup by people at the highest levels of the DOJ in the FBI, not the rank and file nine eastern, FOX. Hey, mike. How's the house coming along needs a ton of work? The Pizer leaking needs a new roof, the just broke. I just don't have time to do..

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