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Dead dabbling we can see point reduce jubal's second date update there are three words but every guy can say and no woman can resist it i am a uh bogus his forwards i i am musician i honour that sound right there that's the sound of thousands of panties hitting the ground is as i said it and that's what lance is lance is apparently a musician okay stop it lay stop it lance what's up how are you i'm doing alright you i'm good i read your email about the date that you went on the girls name is elisa he after okay in your email said the you invited her to a show i did i did in salaya guy hill how'd you meet her well i mean i don't mean career and not embarrassed makeup but i met her on hinder like all of our view your tinder profile pick you play in qatar not a guitar but of van jail oh even worse her life hipster you a man if i got a couple applied than my closet on the met her on tender and you guys started talking on tinder how long before you guys actually went on it was a couple of days could start talking and like earth that was really attracted character she show lagged per pictures 'but beautiful so i invite agreed to show cause you know usually that flake perfect a great way to kind of like start off a you know god i was i wish i could singer play an instrument man i i would classify hackel check out my show oh and he hey hit hill exactly what i mean.

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