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So he's daphne. Wanna i'm always as as as adam said i I'm always excited. Wherever he's doing. I've been kind of waiting and waiting for new film since ganga came out so i'm thrilled that he's back in back in action so with that in mind i think it will be quite fascinating we've got. We picked three films from his career here to go in reverse chronological order because he has now got this this reputation where whatever he's going to do. Next is going to be scrutinize. It's going to be hyped. It's going to be real washing reworked many times. But let's go backwards so the first pick canneries yours. Can you please instruments to. you'll pick. Yes so. I have chosen congo which Obviously was his mice recent film of a last film before before mankad And it was a film that came out. When i was working in cinema so it kind of intrinsically felt like united special to me because i was there and like Watching people come and see it and watching her horrified they were low cases and it's it means enough to meet. I go tell you From the film on my body. So i feel like that's like that that's all i can say to. That stage is could film has a very special place in your heart and other. I love like you know. I'm sure we'll talk of his other films. That we haven't picked This for me. What i wanted to wrap for when we were deciding on the yeah. I think he's probably for me like the one. I maybe kiss his from a technical point of view but like from a olen bike. I boy a whole south point of view as obsolete my favorite his films so it was quite divisive with audiences when it was really so you said that you could get the temperature of how it was going down when you're working in the cinema getting complaints or what no. Guess i think i have a feeling. It came out around valentine's day On i seem to recall there were lots of people you went to see it. Maybe not realizing what they were seeing. thinking it was going to be a kind of like i know this came after golden girl but it was going to be kind of go on the train type film Where all kind of is like tied up in any little bow which the seasonal does not never been finches modus operandi So there were people who are just kind of very wrong footed by the will others who absolutely loved it. It was kind of like highly amusing to me is a like a jaded twenty one year old to be watching these people come out. This cinemalike furious that they invested this time into. This film is quite long film as well by blockbuster standards which is definitely kind of put. It was marketed. As i think they would just a bit surprised Enough so this would have been during your your tenure working with a white lie. You remember how it went down with critics out very much so yeah well i think first of all it was one of those before it was a film is one of these books which everyone seems to be talking about similar. I think something like we need to talk about kevin. It seems every time you go in a tube or bus or you know everyone was reading here and so it became very hyped. Book is heart. novel I remember. I sent him member of the talk around the time i mean among critics i think it was generally well liked and hannah said this site much. Impressive croft on displays is kinda tend to get with vinca. I remember there was a lot of talk around. I guess the themes of the film and this perceived misogynistic streak within it. It's it's an interesting one. I think jillian flynn who the novel and the screenplay i think so. Much of the seventy interesting the film come down to her screenplay and actually what she what she leaves out from her novel on what she kind of tweaked slightly I think Finches request Makes it more interesting film. And actually i think makes it more interesting work around on the novel which i think has has has kind of moral flaws in the film But yeah he's one of those where he hadn't made a phone for few years Got on this incredible run of making almost a film year around the mid nolte's leading up to Social network and Dragging tattoo is a years off. Came back with this. And i think i think as hannah says it. Wrong-footed allow people few people surprise Ben affleck collecting. His stock was particularly high at the time. This is kind of hit. His pre zack snyder. Justice league comeback He was may be seen as a gamble as well And yeah i think it was. Maybe one of those films where people's expectations Line with the product. But it certainly one which i think is has grown with each year niche subsequent viewing I think it's become a lot more You know yes. It's about more rich as phone. Yeah i went back and looks as i often do when i watch films that were co celebres. At the time. I looked at the letter. Box rankings and of course so many mutual friends and colleagues at righted. And it really goes from the one-star the five stars. I must say i loved this film. This is having watched. Maybe six or seven inch of films in the last week In anticipation of manque. An this is in the top. Half maybe four or five me. It's so slippery it's so It wrong footsie multiple times and ends on such a darkly comic tone. Might just land this final half hour which is so unexpected and bananas but as you as you say out of town both mentioned is where you go into a film at google thinking. Just the story of a crime case. A crime procedural. Maybe something where it's about this missing girl but also in a similar way to solve it becomes about the culture around the case as much as the case itself..

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