Tony Longoria, 26 Vehicles, Texas State University discussed on Rush Limbaugh


K O b. J. I'm John Cooley. This news the service of Valley Side medical clinic dot com. Various agencies from around the Boston area respond to a massive pile up of cars this morning on the highway. 6 20 just west of Parmer Lane. Austin. Travis County M S says 26 vehicles crashed carrying a total of 32 people. Several haven't taken to area hospitals for treatment. His condition continued to get worse. There are multiple please from the National Weather Service, the local first responders toe limit travel day, especially to the hill country and farther north up in the I 35 corridor. The National Weather Service has put a winter storm warning up for Travis County that will remain in effect until midnight tonight. Following a shipping delay from the state this week. Also, public health has now received its weekly allotment of Copan vaccines, Mayor Steve Adler says there is some good news for people who have already received their first dose. The 1st and 2nd doses came in 12,000. We obviously have more people who got the first doses right now. Austin Public Health is calling people because supplies remain razor thin, Adler says. Appointments will be required for both doses in the city of George Times by any, um, surveys. Medicines finds The biggest gripe continues to be traffic. Texas State University professor Tony Longoria says People seem very pleased with the city services of public safety, but not with issues related to the roadways. Only 20% of respondents freight traffic flow on major streets as good or excellent, Many folks would perceive.

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