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Morning sickening. Somebody would do that. He says his apartment complex does not allow tenants to fly flag from the buildings. So we put one up behind his truck several weeks ago to honor men and women who serve and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. That's komo's Steve McCarron unreal and unconscionable. That's how a local grandfather describes what happened now after someone murdered his granddaughter last September. He learned somebody vandalized, the place where he goes to remember her. Komo's Michelle Esteban spoke with him and joins us from Renton Dale Riley roadside memorial. He had made you honor his twenty two year old granddaughter has been banned allies, the cruise memorial marines avenue. South in Renton is toppled face down her grandad just building put up this now damage cross last Monday after the first roadside cross he made for her finished without a trace. Her case remains unsolved in her grandad says the roadside memorial is a place to grieve, the loss for family and friends figured with random allies. See the someone in the neighbor. Who doesn't want it there? Or maybe the people that did the killing still very vindictive came back and did something to the cross Ryan. He says to make certain the second cross stayed. Put he angered it to offense. That's komo's Michelle Esteban fresh off her divorce from the world's richest man MacKenzie base. Oh, says pledging to give away half of her fortune to charity. She says she has signed the giving pledge campaign to get the ultra wealthy to pledge at least half of their fortunes to charitable causes. Those who joined can give away their money while they are alive or given structures in their wills MacKenzie basis does not say how she plans to give the money away, the divorce left her with about four percent of Amazon, which is now worth more than thirty six billion dollars ever. Get stuck at a red light from what seems to be several minutes while there are no cars travelling in the lanes that have a green light, as komo's Brian Calvert tells us, you're not alone. There are no cars coming. Some intersections seem to give you a green almost instantly. There are others where your light remains read when no cars are coming that lasts scenario prompted the Esser. Family to write to the Everett herald asking about an intersection in Sultan were highway two meets old Owen road. They commented that several times while waiting on old. Oh. And they sit for about five minutes waiting for a green when nothing is coming by on highway to the herald reached out to the state and found, there is a method to the madness in its response. The State Department of transportation reminds us that highway two carries way more cars than it's designed for and officially the four minute and thirty-second red light programmed at old oh, and helps.

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