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So I have this fan and my window. That's supposed to bring the air in if it's a bit cooler outside it makes a huge difference if it's not cooler outside. It's really just blowing in more hot air. The heat has a weird way of making you feel really sleepy but also nauseous so like for instance on Friday. When I went home it was really hot and I was really tired and I take a nap and I just kind of kept waking up from the snap feeling really sick but tired and I was like in a daze days for like an hour and eventually just had to get up and take a freezing cold shower and even that freezing cold shower didn't feel cold because I was so hot everything inside of me was just like needed to be cooled down? What did you end up doing? I I did not stay home that weekend. My boyfriend's place through air conditioning. It's usually what they do or my parents lease warnings blanket areas of Ontario Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador this hour for even in Canada is being blamed for at least seventy deaths or it is going to be muggy tonight tomorrow tomorrow night Monday Monday. Officials are cautioning those especially vulnerable to extreme heat to be extra careful. I'm lucky I have air-conditioning. It's included in my condo fees. I can use as much of it as I want and believe me. I do even though it's making the problem worse but people who don't have air conditioning people like our producer there beside who you heard earlier I don't even I know how the live some of these days and Claire is a healthy young and she can't live and her apartment when the he gets really bad there are thousands of less healthy people with the same problem. A lot of those people are isolated Amerian real danger every time the temperature spikes and you probably knew this one was coming but it's also happening more frequently much more frequently solutions to climate change are nice to think about and they are worth chasing. They don't matter here. A certain amount of temperature increase is already baked into this scenario so even if we magic our way out of this hell tomorrow we're still going to have to live with heat. What does that due to our bodies? And what do we do about that. How do we prepare individually? But how do we prepare our infrastructure or social. Programs are public policy to deal with a world where it's going to be a lot hotter and humans are ready for Jordan Keith Rawlings and this is the big story. Dr Blair felt the head of the intact center on climate adaptation of the University of Waterloo Waterloo. I Blair. Thanks for joining us well. Thanks for having me so I because <hes> I think maybe we don't quantify at the right way. Sometimes what is a heatwave and how do we get this description right technically yeah there is.

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