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As for the second round i mean i think jd hit on it you know we got a trade we trace back and we can move you know maybe roe lower in the second round they're still if we're thinking receiver there's probably five good six good receiver still second third route and i'm an iowa guy so i personally if we're going to go another linebacker i'm going josie jewel well my guy the iowa center is still on the board the i'll josh jackson still on the board if they say thirty nine they have a chance to get a pretty good football player we'll say yeah yup thanks bye two three one two three three two three seven seven six alex moot sell our guy man somebody give at the catman a pot brownie or an edible or something haven't relaxed that last caller got him hot yeah i liked debating with brandon brandenburg clarendon hills i liked debating with them but when he goes over the line and says stupid stuff i got a call him out half do have to he wants to play one side but doesn't want to acknowledge exactly what he does i thought it was great i felt like black and i were in a courtroom he was the prosecutor you or the defendant i thought you did a very nice job vincent laguardia gambino now we were having a nice friday migrate do you need a hug do you want me to send saying we have a hug you good outcome hug you i'm good capital come in there i'm good the the fred hoiberg reference like that was good it was that was a good line for the listeners that don't know brandon and clarendon hills is friends with fred hoiberg him when i was critical of them which is fine absolutely get it.

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