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One hundred kilometers an hour in four and a half seconds with the battery range of seven hundred color images Mercedes CEO declined to specify how the call will achieve a range beyond what other electrics currently offer Americans love to snack a piece of Jackie Quinn takes a look at a report examining a possible link between snack foods on the rising rates of obesity in the country food experts are paying close attention to what the change in snack attacks might mean for health and obesity they know that snacking habits in the U. S. have changed in recent decades about ninety percent of Americans now say they eat between meals but during the seventies that number was just sixty percent US health officials are reviewing scientific research on eating frequency but grappling with the broad definition of snacking which could be a one hundred calorie apple between meals or a five hundred calorie FRAPH at Chino that just packs on the calories I'm Jackie Quinn. the raiders check off a tumultuous week A. P.'s Riley all reports the team chalked up an opening Monday night with at home against the Broncos after a week filled with drama resulting in the release of Antonio brown the raiders rebounded from the side show of number eighty four and closed out week one by beating the Broncos on Monday Night Football twenty four to sixteen Derek Carr was a solid twenty two of twenty six passing for two hundred fifty nine yards and a touchdown Tyrone Williams one of the new receivers for Oakland have six receptions for a hundred and five yards including an eight yard touchdown catch Josh Jacobs a rookie from Alabama at eighty five yards rushing into scores Denver's Joe Flacco was twenty one of thirty one for two hundred sixty eight yards and a score in the Los Riley on Oakland. one GOP winner in North Carolina I Jackie Quinn with an A. P. news minute there were two congressional contests today in North Carolina carefully watched as possible bellwethers for president trump's reelection Republican Greg Murphy's won the third district race the ninth district contest between the end bishop in Denver Creedy is still being counted president trump is ousted his national security adviser John Bolton the third person to hold the job secretary of state Mike Pompeii out the presence entitled to the staff that he wants at at at any moment house speaker Nancy Pelosi expressing frustration over the Senate leader not acting on gun control legislation and when asked if she regretted not calling a special session people are.

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