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There's no problem a little horsepower can solve northern tool and a quick much. This is the gopher post game show recap of today's games statistics. Walk interviews in highlights. Once again, Wally shaver. And we welcome you back to the captain family ice arena. Golden gophers wrote shot by a two to one margin throughout the game including thirty to seventeen or the last two periods. But in those last two periods AO score the Irish five to one and that's final. And frankly, just throw so many accolades at the gophers for Holwell they played overall tonight. You you just mentioned some pretty stunning numbers Walton, I'm telling a couple of friends by way of text messages during our commercial break here. Believe the score not the shots on goal. Good point. The score tells the story in this one folks not the shots on goal. Minnesota did not play like they were outshot forty three to twenty two. It was at least an even more Minnesota had a ten goal edgy percentage. I mean, it was a it's amazing. They only get twenty two shots on goal. They score five times. They scored four goals in the third period. Okay. One of them was an empty net. That's still three third period goals. How long has coached Moscow been saying I just wish we could get three. Well, they get the three in one period alone. It was shift after shift after shift line after line after line. It was his way from the beginning of the game on and then within each shift was man after man after meant there was just a relentless pursuit of the puck. Of the Notre Dame puck carrier of getting in behind the Notre Dame defense, which I didn't think was humanly possible to do what they did it repeatedly here tonight. And then got absolutely great goaltending. At the other end absolutely unique played well defensively at center ice they played so well defensively. The thing that I like to the first two periods were Minnesota's owed shot twenty six fourteen. We're looking at the shot chart. The gophers had a two to one advantage in grade. Eight shots on goal because it is such a fine job defensively in their own enforcing outside shots perimeter shots. Play Notre Dame atom up on and I got through two periods. A great chances attempts twelve eight and favor of Minnesota. Okay. And most of those twelve again were in behind the defence Kilmore face. Five goals by the golden gophers, including the first of the year for both Tommy Novak and Blake McLaughlin. We'll take a break and come back with the head coach Bob Moscow after this from learfield..

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