Shroff, Assault, Algiers discussed on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley


Revolver you carry revolver do have 38 yuzhou do you think about those young i think about costly dismiss sukh still works is a security guard to this day some have not forgiven him for being the face of the law that night that i at the move out of the city because of the threats against me hingis shroff there were threats against you joos hillsides woods no of sewage hughesy just for one side which was the black community dismiss was tried for assault in 1968 he was acquitted by an all white jury i saw him as a survivor and yet at the same time somebody who is deeply wounded by the event you could say that it broke him in an irrevocable way known you want to go none of the three white police officers at the algiers that night were convicted of any wrongdoing how much do you want the audience to see the collateral damage these broken men broken spirits and broken dialogue in between two very disparate cultures that nato embrace one another it's naive perhaps to say to think that that's possible but i i have to fifty years later the detroit neighborhoods where the riots raged have still not recovered though many parts of the city are turning around i mckinnon rose through the ranks to become chief of police in 1994 and served as deputy mayor of detroit until last year we're the algiers motel once stood there is now an open field no plaque marks what happened here some say riot.

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