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Chief defensive line stepped up in a big way against captain Andrew lucked last week. And they do it against hashtag. Tommy we've seen this time. And again God that when you beat the patriots. You do it by applying pressure on Brady, ideally up the middle you rattle him you hit him. He's looking down at the rush down the field. It open receivers. How many times are the chiefs going to need to actually get a stop on Tom Brady though to win this game? Does it become a shootout? Does it become a if you don't keep up with the patriots in the first few drives you're going to be down thirty five seven at the half. Like, the chargers were how many times do you think that she's going to have to step up and put the clamps on Brady this Sunday? So we'll get to our game picks. But I think the patriots are gonna want to control the clock all game long. So I don't think it's going to be a game where each team has fourteen possession or thirteen possession. I think chiefs have to stop the patriots three or four times in one turnover. Right. So three or four times where they can get a punt. And then one turnover that means patriots land around twenty four points. A couple touchdowns a few field goals and that probably can win the game for the. Yeah. I mean, first of all I agree with your point about the run game. I think that's really it. Because the New England is a running team. Now, it is no longer. Like, hey, we're going to get in the spread. And Tom Brady's a dissect even throw at forty five times a game the everything goes through Sony, Michelle and pulling guards and old school smash mouth football to where I look at the chiefs defense, and that's really the key to that decline in this matchup for me. Mike is can the front four for the chiefs handled the run game with limited help from the secondary? Right. The safety in the box to come in and be the extra guy because it has to get to that type of game. Where all they always have to bring eighth guy into the boxes. Stop the running game. They're they're screwed sorry for lack of a better phrase because then the play action pass is just gonna torture them. Like did the chargers last week when Eshelman was behind them time after time? So I I would say they need to stops per half. I think this game will be a thirty to twenty seven type of football game. And if they can get to stops per half. Then the chiefs have a great chance of winning the winning the game overall. Hey, Chris, you don't need a better term than screwed. I'm just glad you didn't use a worst term. Yeah. Well, you know what? To use it. Thank you know, we we want this to be the last show the week not the last show ever when they got together in week six. The patriots scored points on nine of eleven drives not including a kneel down at the end of the first half. So the patriots had forty three against the chiefs last time around, but the chiefs know how to score against the patriots where we talk more about that later, but that's the key. You don't have to stop the patriots all that many times when you have faith in an offense that scored forty earlier this year against the patriots that scored forty one last year when Alex Smith was the quarterback. So I don't think they need to stop him many times. It's almost like a tennis match where you just gotta break serve once or twice to win the set. Right. I think that's all the chiefs are going to need to do is the. Yeah, the chiefs are just going to need to stop them. Maybe once or twice because they have faith in that offense being able to score from any position they are on the field, and and more than anything they have to stop the Bella checks special of scoring right going into the half. Then getting the ball back and scoring again. Yeah. And in Kansas City messed that up and the first matchup. They right. Down there in the red zone. Right. They're going to do the ten point special Mahomes. Throws the interception at the end of the half. And you know, what they did on? The next drive was the laser down the sideline to Kareem hunt for a touchdown. So they had that opportunity. So certainly don't mess up situational football. Don't go ahead. Chiefs win the toss. What do they do? Do. They take the ball and try to score right away up. The patriots are set up for that that Bella special or do you defer enforce the patriots start the game on offense? And then you know, you get the chance to start the third quarter. And maybe do a double dip score. I know last week they their defense went out and made the stop. But know, this is just a different animal altogether. New england. I'd be scared. I would wanna play I think from the position of power with the Kansas City Chiefs. I would go I wanna play at home jump out on them early. See if we can foster him that way and make it a game where maybe now Brady does have to throw more than he'd like. And then you can start getting the pass rush after him. Now that would be my two cents as much as you don't wanna let Bella check do the bell. Special. I kind of agree with Chris here because you basically when you look at the chiefs in their in their franchise and the playoff history they've had and the patriots come to town that crowd can be taken out of it. Right. Like, they go down. Tom Brady goes for a thirteen yard drive and he's hitting James white for eight yard passes. Every time there's a second down slow death. That crowd is going to be like, oh what's going on here? So I I agree with you. I think Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. Wanna be on the field wanna keep the crowd in it? Want to say, hey, look, we're going to be out here all day. We're going to be ready to go and start the game on a good foot. And one reason the crowd will be more likely to be in it, and this has been one of the more overlook storylines of the week. We locked into the narrative last weekend that it's going to be bitterly cold that it's going to be in the single digits at kickoff. The forecast has improved all week long to the point where weather dot com has the high now at thirty three in the low at twenty three at one point. It was a high of eleven and a low of one. So I think that that favors doing everything you can to keep the crowd engaged in. And they will be engaged and they're not gonna get quiet. Let's see this crowd is really going to carry them because they're going to be frozen stiff throughout the game. So that weather forecast, I think is really swung. The chiefs advantage. Because we know that Brady can get it done in really, really bad conditions. I was at an AFC championship game in Pittsburgh fourteen years ago when it was three degrees and the patriots blew out the Steelers, if the weather is not a factor than Patrick Mahomes does Patrick Mahomes things and they got new sod on the field there at Arrowhead stadium. I just think it makes it a lot easier for the chiefs to to come out and really continue what they did in the second half. Forget about the first half of the week six game. What they did in the second half was dominate the patriots. He did not score the patriots for the full sixty minutes, but they dominated them. And they're going to try to continue that right out of the gates. Yeah. But they have to do that again for for the full sixty minutes. Like you said they played one good half against the patriots. I also just want to note the weather. I am sick of meteorologists and everyone on Twitter telling me how the weather is going to be seven days out. Yeah. I actually blame you guys too because on Sunday or Saturday with with the colts in the chiefs promised a snow game. And I did not get a snow game. Well, I didn't say anything about this. No, I don't try to. Snow game, Mike, there's a difference. When people when you go online in the morning before game, and it's like snow football. And all these oh, my gosh, Arrowhead.

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