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Two or julius the wedding as that you would arts i just would have appreciated the chest now why would you not a god it's right around the corner from eu law the last wedding i went to and only because my wife dragged me there because she wanted to go and i i guess i should have gone up pay my respects because it was thomas scott sweating byron scott on time is right there pelican healy got narrative same spot over there birther yep right there is beautiful wedding like you said tell me how can you have a bad witty in that spot is so gorgeous so snaddon i was like wouldn't barn get a thomas gave like four years ago maybe just about your they were all they were all there last night thomas biron tatas wife invest the last winning on may two two i turned down going to to wedding she's the last two weeks of a friend of our family up in oregon when a claes best france got married klay was in wedding julia had to go up there with him for that i was invited couldn't go he's the excuse of going to work cars environ usap's injured eleazar to exactly ice harrison barnes got mad last weekend it was my michael you come into the way but it was all put clear corsica shit a rhode island man i can't trust travel at far away why rhode island thus wearing admire the at rhode island's some beautiful up the mansion over there not on the coast in the as makarion a and steph the della lebron by the way that was not an insult that was another is not and so on him was that that's why i didn't even bring it up on our show love is so what if a deal making final brought him a milk bone make nor warriors lebron yeah and they may find awards at halloween party remember yeah he'll well but i i also stepped had a really good explanation for all he iding sorta backed out demag down a little bit so why if he was imitating lebrun on they were had an avocado wasn't it was it got played out like.

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