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Mean he's not he's not necessarily renowned for. Its speculative capacities. I'll give you getting Zombie to illustrate the point. There was one day in the welter innovator. We were standing in the press behind the finish line. Punctually every ten minutes the last hour of the race he knows Freebie Freebie Vandersanden attention pay attention when the sun and then it would terminate it'd be another Lotto pseudo writer and he ran through the whole roster and the Freebie pay attention yes but the boost in the US Parr's even writing the world's anyway Hugo said to me the other day Freebie bench and Bob Young Bob Young's is going to win the war. Was He paying attention to the time trial. I mean bobby ingles way over the pace and time intro finish well done. I wasn't paying attention. Was He really that far off the by the time John. It depends depends once again. I'm not sure we will go is the best as you say for tips. I mean is is well. Well known to old depress offices older racism on the planet because he's. The guy is closing down the press from every day at ten o'clock news evening. You know so at A. I know I'm poppy and goes. I was surprised his yeah ordinarily you would have thought the both time drawn road race would would sue him if he doesn't. I think it formed but he seems to eat such a strong kind of spring classics campaign and and he's been really off the boil Jiro and ever since then what some of them have view chaps been out on the roof of you if you you know what it's GonNa be because I mean altitude meters which are not particularly eh guide anything. Maybe it's about three thousand five hundred meters which would put it somewhere around. Madrid does Madrid didn't really have a big Klima than two thousand five Tabun and whatnot. They've been a few that have been there there about three thousand five hundred kind of mid range think he goes up as high as two thousand meters doesn't no it doesn't took the unusual thing about this. I think is the reason I flat road radiation and I think it's just it's dozens and dozens if not hundreds of small accelerations wins which is why People WanNa reasons why people are saying fun to poll is is you know the hot favourite is he. The favorite I mean what do you think Daniel for that. The reason I mean you know different people who know better than me. I would say the I mean the the uncertainty is his lack of in long race. I think you go over two hundred fifty combs contingent sixty Columbus as we say milan-sanremo ever year. It's a strange finale. You get guys sprinting will shine abilities in sprints hop other guys who've fade bodily off the two hundred sixty two eight hundred seventy kilometers. We don't really have any reference points over those distances so it could be something completely different from what we expect. Yeah I talked to lots of all writers like Chamo- to use to tell me it's the same as the third weekend in the grand tour or is the same altitudes over two thousand meters. There're there are writers or that there is there's a level past two hundred fifty or two hundred sixty. I mean every writer this limit when all of a sudden peaks and it's finished and I don't think we've seen that very very often within the pool and the thing is well the the important factor of the work which is all the time is we saw so last year with Valverde will really were preparing soil for the climate's overseas in other words is really I think some of the Rogers really the to pace themselves to to get to make the worse their objective you've got and of the season riders were Michael. Choose one who's always in top shape but the the end of the season then sometimes not so much before so you have to take all these things into account and for these reasons I think of course on paper then the pool if it doesn't on winning this year he will win it in. Maybe two or three times in the next ten years but this season to me. Maybe a little bit early but but I I I got it wrong so many times the young riders in the last couple of years I mean we've seen these young guys beat Minnaso- exceptional extrordinary that we don't no actually they're they're kind of changing the rules preventable one three stages and the overall to a Britain. He was really impressive. One particular day I think Kendall one hundred and seventy three kilometers that was making me sound like you know they should coming off. The top of my head is it's on my laptop here. That's how the podcast works but but D- D you lose that kind of acceleration jump hundred kilometers later. I mean I'll get obviously you do but you know you're still racing like against like it wasn't like he was beating motto. Trentino and this much Trenton is a name we shouldn't but I mean the the it's funny because there was a dispute when the Canadian races launch that that that that seemed to be in the minds of the Rogers two ways to prepare for the words one was was to do the welter because you have my the mileage or go to Canada because they're down the same kind of racist circles races long races over two hundred and thirty days and it is it is one of the other I've I've never heard the tour of Britain being being turned to prepare for the words but why not Kwiatkoski I gave you one when somebody's some writers did through while after having ridden the tour Britain yeah yeah and I also think it'd be more of a factor. I mean we kind of know the British road are slightly different different European roads and having ridden the tour Britain they are. They'll be the sensations as Dutch say we'll be. We'll talk up top. Good point of Anathema also don't forget has written very well and here in Yorkshire isn't they have a tour of Yorkshire and and he's definitely somebody somebody capable of a Belgian T. may be on advantage or or a disadvantage she knows but there are so many how many mentioned pizza gone or Alejandro Valverde of course you know he's the the wealth of second of wealth and are we saw what all the wealth of to think on Drug Lillard the same trial and it was a very very very hard well to which I think a lot of US appreciated appreciated watching it but I'm the released some of which is data from the Welton actually was harder than the tour last year harder than Jiro this here for him so it clearly affected him in the time trial and it might have similar similar fight than other guys who finished the cycling podcast because team Cobb back in the pack please that was the voice of PK race radio. The Tour de France Jasmine here replace riches hip it. Was this man remove my leg a few years ago you put it on the reattach that he reattached it okay because finished in from may today anyway. This episode is sponsored by Harry's razors. Harry's have a special offer for cycling podcast listeners.

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