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Absolutely. I mean, in if if you've got fifteen amazing fleets, you know there might and athletes, but how'd you found when you're all mighty mice athletes? Are we have? We have because it's too we haven't got the big go. We haven't got the little. Everybody's around, you know, the same size in the division, but it's just it's that wife standing out. Like I, I mean, I love had the lich is for every. Eweek coming up with just something more. And I said, man, come out with a car with a voice ical. Everything. It doesn't matter. Just throw everything. You count the wall and it sticks cry. If it doesn't, don't worry about it. Just do. We just try like there's no problem with filing the worst that can have, you know you tried like, that's it. I mean, this is coming from, like, you know, Schulte within like, oh, to be wrestling guy. Like it was just literally like throwing stuff at the wool, like, say what work and just that's honestly, it's not it. It's not failing unless you give up, you know, they're just they're just lessons learned. You just pick yourself back up and keep going. I mean, it's it's only failing stop. That's when it comes to failure to me. Great. Tell a, might you nylon the head couldn't and the talent you talked about are so different, which just illustrates the point that everybody is finding their own their own niche, you know, but buddy Murphy looks like you should be on to fifty five live. If he's to five. No, he's he's. He won ninety eight to the carries. Well, wow, my my, he's a, he's a stack. He's a. These. No, no Saka stack. I know a star just never terror. Yeah, yeah. He's a, he's looking well is a big boy. Even good order. I just don't know. Like I've nev- I've never seen someone with a chest like that. Like. Snowman then then you look at Tony knees like twenty upside, I think to twenty times than buddy, and he looks just as big. Yeah. God, what what? What's this thing called a gym anyway. Lewis. Over. I was just I was talking about before you go on here. I always kept the expectation blow just wear smaller shirt And on the. I'm working on the to jam dad bought at the moment. So it saying I don't even have kids, so there's no excuse. Neutra dad Bod. So you briefly touched on, you know, hey, here's this guy who's just going to try wrestling, you know, talking about the beginning, your career kind of thing. Let's go back to that and just talk about how you got in who influenced you. What made you decide? Okay. This is what I have to do. You know, there's always that kind of anybody who grew up a fan of this had that Piff une- of, I'm going to do this. I for me. It was. It was Roddy piper and HOGAN. It was like, okay, Yep, that's what I have to do. So what was it for you that triggered it? Moines was always whole Cogan. And for some reason when I work, I work like HOGAN foot toll, not like to the point where I, I don't, you know, like HOGAN is so into writing for selling because he used to be cool. And he was like six, seven, and then he sell, and he leaned forward to the point was the taught wrote, and then he'd. Go down to the second road and then the ball, and then he was flat on the floor and you think, oh, my God is gone. He's gone. 'cause not getting. He's not gonna. And then it was the big comeback. The the fire, the white, make five, five. The rocky Balboa comeback. It's all you just watch movies and whole Cogan. And I actually, these and whole Cogan was grew up on and like I honestly believe the greatest wrestling psychology moving the world don't hard because John client just sold his ass off all cell. You you're in day to him, he he was. He was coy at over catchy loins and this. And this is like the greatest Alan Rickman was a ten times better actor, Bruce Willis, but he was a hit any device. Boy, lighten Klein up the hallway spots. Mcclain's glasses..

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