Jalen Brown, Sergio Garcia, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak Asia


Schwartzman next. So Sergio Garcia does want to play in Europe, I understand. Yeah, this is kind of interesting because a week ago he said he would leave the European tour or other, you know, otherwise known as the DP world tour because he didn't feel the love anymore in Europe while the 2017 masters winner has now reversed course and says he does want to play in Europe Garcia would have been ineligible to play the rider cup if he had a fishy resign from that DP world tour and he of course is one of the first golfers to leave the PGA Tour and join the Liv golf series. One of Hong Kong's most iconic sporting events the Hong Kong rugby 7s, which has been suspended the last two years due to COVID is on the verge of making a decision whether the event will occur this coming November or not, as organizers await word from the government, whether they will allow the event to proceed. Fiji has dominated as of late. They've won 7 of the last 8 tournaments played. Major League Baseball schedule, let's see what's going on locally, heading to the bottom of the 7th inning Baltimore has opened up a home 5 to one lead over Tampa Bay top 6 Cleveland and Boston tied at one at Fenway Park. Top of the first inning Houston in Oakland are scoreless top one San Francisco's at Arizona, no score there as well, coming up in about 30 minutes first pitch Washington on the road at the Los Angeles Dodgers NBA news, three weeks after Ned Stark Kevin Durant demanded a trade out of New York the Celtics reported to have entered the sweepstakes for Durant, Jalen Brown potentially would be the centerpiece in a return package. I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports update, Juliet. Thanks so much. Coming up, we're going to talk about Nancy Pelosi's trip potential trip to Taiwan in early August. This is the trip that has already stoked more U.S. China tensions. We'll talk about that with Bloomberg's senior executive editor for Greater China, John Liu, also having a look at market action, it is a little mixed here, but we are seeing gains on the open in Hong Kong and China, the hang seng index is up

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