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Them give them a place to gather. It just feels great em if a director Matthew Teitelbaum says they're opening up museum and phases with a number exhibits on display, allowing people there moments with great works of art that's life affirming, and you know, it's exciting to be able to offer that being shut down and witnessing some of the events of 2020. I allowed the IMF to pivot and focus on the issues surrounding communities today, So when the visitor comes in, the first thing they'll see is black History Back futures, which is a really remarkable Exhibition organized primarily from our collection by a group of youth from Boston. Other highlights include Art of the Americas featuring women Take the floor really tells the story of the contribution made by many women. Over many years. Museum is requiring visitors to register online and when they arrive, they will be screened at the door. Brain tree's getting a new school. It's first building in the high school first since building the high school in the seventies Under a measure approved by 75% of the voters in a special election yesterday, the town Cam borrowed nearly 87 million for a new middle school and raise taxes to pay for it. The Patriot Ledger reports that the new South Middle school scheduled to open in 2023 the miracle Ah historic victory for the town. A special election was originally scheduled for March but was postponed because of the pandemic. Its 3 28 coming up at 3 30, the latest from Capitol Hill, is they prepare for a six week battle and also Ah big rally in Mansfield today. Take your garage to the next level with next level Concrete coatings.

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