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Allows Democrats to take control of committee. The power sharing agreement will mostly mirror an agreement from 20 years ago. The last time the Senate was split 50 50. Senate committees will be equally divided between Democrats and Republicans. Republicans will chair those panels. There's no change to the legislative filibuster, keeping in place a 60 vote threshold. For most legislation. An agreement was the late weeks creating some challenges for Cabinet nominees is Republicans retain control of committees without the new agreement? On Capitol Hill, Jered Halpern Fox News. Meanwhile, House Republicans voted last night that Republican representative list Cheney should keep her post in House GOP leadership after she defended her support for impeachment of former president Donald Trump and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has met with far right Congressman and Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for her removal from committees and resignation have grown over her touting conspiracy theories. House Republicans will be forced to go on the record to defend or rebuked Green in a planned vote today. On the first day on the job is in the books for New Dallas Police chief Eddie Garcia Garcia began his first day on the job with a simple tweet reading. Let's roll. Dallas Police Association president Mike Modeste says the chief plans to write out on foot. Troll and work side by side with the rank and file, which he believes has already boosted morale because it shows he's willing to do the same job that he asked us to do, and that's been a huge, huge problem that we've had in the past. Chief Garcia comes to Dallas from San Jose, California He's the department's first ever Latino police chief. Plate. Nevil, WB AP News Time Now for taxes business here spend some a gallon from network radio job growth resumed in January. A teepee estimates 174,000 net new private payroll jobs. Jobless claims just dropped 4% for the week. Dallas Fed President Robert Caplan speaking this week on the Texas economy, West Texas Intermediate crude 55 97 a barrel of 28 cents The Dow starts today, up 29 points S and P and NASDAQ up nearly a half a percent. I'm Spencer Macallan President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com From the W B A P News vast. I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage and w b a p dot com You always gotta have the faith.

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