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Of your known among people in politics have been of a loose cannon he's one of the only people i've ever blocked on twitter either he's kind of a little bit nutty and the idea that the white house is is perpetuating that this is just such a respectable individual and and it's shameful that democrats are are holding back it's it's pretty ridiculous if you if you know anything about rick grenell even just as a twitter troll but well you know just not to amplify with the caller was talking about but obviously seems to be somebody who is not thrilled with gay people and yet phil rucker you know this the evangelical community i'm not saying that the caller was necessarily evangelical but people who are socially conservative have been among the most ardent supporters who have stuck with trump through all of this and i i don't see any of that changing not at all through all of the allegations that that women made against him abuse and harassment during the two thousand sixteen campaign and we've seen it again over the last few months of stormy daniels the adult film star who alleges a sexual encounter with trump in a hundred thirty thousand dollar pay off of hush money as she tells her story evangelical sticking with the president you know they've they they know what he's all about they know what has life has been they know his morality they know his history with women and they made a calculation in november of two thousand sixteen to support him and elect him over hillary clinton and he's followed through on behalf of evangelical by by appointing a number of conservative judges at in the federal courts and district courts the circuit courts and then of course the one seat on the supreme court and i think i think they're going to stick with him for a while although if it's really about the judges which is does seem to be at least part of it seems to me that they would certainly get that from mike pence i so i don't quite understand that calculation but nonetheless they'd get that and much more than what you're talking about anjelica.

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