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God opening on iraq beer is there buddy hang on don't butchery a close to something hard oh martin here are the lucky man i tell you what got very lucky did mark off many lower unit up ranka mall body dug burda hailed a record he knocked off nine lower unit go one saw record at bay after he i keep it i couldn't get in here i guess non jeff without with a crazy here man yeah wars have you had any anything even remotely similar to the quality of those couple of years since the new york shortly after that year in a part of it but modern momberg of really good erin cattle giants creator one after another and and mithwan and another one come up and hit the top water uh what happened allott the big school officially been thought that up by traffic we got guy bernard shoreline khamphoui running so they don't get linked school you know you can't nabisco nobody bother you for a week you stain that big school you heard that bright your coffee being run over your your your breaking off of smaller school so if you happen to pull into a shoreline happened hit a spot of those fish no of a small through you catch him but it's not like the old days for you pull into a school and you catch him all day long it's a little bit if how how much more traffic is there on baffin bay in the last ten years tumble epo you know in a good thing knit bothered me to mount drunk i know the femurs gonna kinda got windmill those kurbanov adult i got more cabinet luca but the main thing is that peace and quiet and i could stand on that shoreline here of bucks nor turkey declare your now all i hear somebody with a full 100 hor quicker scary all blackened lousy loss going down and i don't get to hear the was basically crazy that bothered bordering odd i've talked about it before and i know you remember the same way i do we were down in there with it was foggy nasty radion nuts i remember distinctly when you said we got to get out of here it's going to get dark it is going to get nasty and just couldn't hide but when i what i remember about that was the only.

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