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WW J, follow us on Twitter at WW, J traffic in the idol motor group twenty four hour traffic center around lanes Howard, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty. Our AccuWeather meteorologist is John Feerick. Couple of showers tonight, mainly cloudy, the low right around fifty morning shower tomorrow, then clouds, give to subside a pleasant afternoon. I seventy four patchy clouds overnight. Lows sixty two warmer more humid Sunday, partly sunny. High eighty two some gusty storms in the afternoon and evening and breezy and much cooler Monday mostly cloudy. I only sixty Tuesday clouds sixty four this is accurate. There meteorologist John Feerick on WW j NewsRadio nine fifty cloudy skies. John at metro airport. Fifty four degrees, fifty three in Saint Clair shores in Detroit, clouds, above, and fifty three traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the on your to work. And when it's time to go home, NewsRadio nine fifty. Michigan man already serving a life sentence for murder has been found guilty of murder in the death of a man during July twenty seventeen crime spree. A Saint Joseph county jury deliberating for about two hours today before finding Zachary Patton guilty of first degree murder in the death of Shane Richardson. This in the victim's home in Florence township Richardson, was the husband of patents ex wife earlier on the same day, the Thirty-three-year-old patent of Portage shot thirty one year old gray. Celia Portia Esparza at a mobile park home in Kalamazoo county. Now in February twenty eighteen patent was found guilty of first degree murder in her death patent. Meantime, is now.

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