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And, and we learned our lessons in making excuses for properties in the LA. It'll be we can work around that and we can work around that. And we try today to really just focus on making sure that McKay is would call trophy locations and that really helps. For successful are, you know. Let me ask you this, because I mean obviously you've you've had a lot of success. Certainly you've been able to put cash in your pocket and cash in the pockets of those who have worked with you for, you know, for as long as they have and been an integral part of your success. What, what, what, what still keeps you up at night, man? What's the what's the struggle? What scares you? Well answered to questions or one is near the cash. I wanna remind everybody, our number one goal is CEO restaurant company is not to make a profit, our number one goes to maintain our culture values. It's we call, it's a fifty one forty nine when I ship, or fifty I wanna be a restaurant company for thirty forty fifty sixty seventy eighty years long after the big restaurant, this guy, and we need to be a values driven organization to do that. Right. So that's our number one goal first and foremost, we won't sacrifice our culture to make profit will leave bell around the table report. We were sacrifice our people our values so. So that's issue number one. So it's not about the prophet. Secondly, you know, as far as keeping me up at night, used to be cash. You know, I. I've been a classic entrepreneur a and, you know, turning two dollars three and you know, trying to figure out how to stretch. We've been laid on our payables for long on time with a lot of vendors over the years and so forth because of our growth. But so today, though, that's really three things that keep me up at night, or one is can't control or relax Nicotrol him, quite frankly. But one of his cybersecurity, we were one of the first companies in two thousand four to get hit by the credit card hackers office about a million six at that point in time. And that was a, a glorious day for me. Because when I really found out about it in the Bank called me and you know, we had a bankruptcy. A are our on Saturday all day long with their bankruptcy tourneys originally going to be twenty five minute causes so long story short, I rolled over, I just wanna make sure I'm Clinton's you saying that people ended up tanked the, the recounts thousand credit cards number stolen information stolen mind through credit card trying to Akers and so In damages would a total originally twenty meat, I was original, I rolled over and played dead. And, and, and, and they have and pretty four we wait may and six. And so at that point, I was relieved because that wasn't a fatal blow. That was something, you know, we could live through by day. So that was actually a good day for me. But so today I worry about new human, great companies target you hear about all I'm gay hacked. And, and we spend quite a bit of money and effort on cybersecurity, to make sure we're safe. So that's that's one we have up. Secondly is today's litigious society, you know anybody can say anything about anybody wanna great HR practice. You know, we, you know, we've been take care of the metoo with since we for twenty five years. It was never heard. And she with us I mean that's worth thing. But, you know, I just worry about these sort of while suitor. God forbid, you know, someone gets killed were restaurants per driving. So those kind of things just happened to Tiger Woods. Right. I mean exactly when you know again, we have insurance that, but we, we worked diligently, to, to create those safe work environments, and making sure that never happens. But you never know that, that the other issue there, then the third one is outside of my hands, and that's today's world and, you know, today's society and so forth, and I just we're a great economy right now and so forth, but you never know. And I've lived through the great recession lists nine eleven and if you're the recessions in heaven of confidence that will kind of get through it, but, you just never know some days in this world will happen. So that's of outside of my control and so forth. So. The word jumping over the microphone there. There's you know, we're running out of time, so I don't wanna go to deep, but I just wanted to make a an analogy to something, my her Disney say to your first comment there when you were talking about more important to protect the culture, then make the money and I remember not remember, but I saw quote of his that said, we don't make movies to make money we make money to make more movies. And it just kind of reminded me a similar thing. Good. You kind of goes into the y you're doing what you're doing. So can we let let's, let's talk about the book, so yes, is the answer was question. Right. So this is this, your first book is this twentieth? Just want to see where you're at in the in the journey of being an author. Yeah. So we did a tabletop book twenty almost twenty years ago, we did, and call the art of the meal is bad day in the life of the restaurant. Businesses arrest report. Goes lost. But and that was a difficult process by the past five years, had a lot of people ragged hundreds of speaking requested year. I get I had I had a lot of people ask me to write a book and, and our twenty fifth anniversary was approaching this is a perfect now segue into that, and the perfect impetus to get me to do it. So, so we did it. And I took fourteen months it was a higher publisher hired you authors. And New York. And you know I really week I went to New York every other week they came here and we, we sat down we off weeks. We at its and so forth in just but if they were great and assistant, it was, it was a really good process in as funny by the end of the right. And I was told this, what happened by, by the time we got, you know, day a week away or two weeks away or three weeks. Way from actually sending the app to, to prance I got super cold feet. I froze up by Larry locked up and Stacey, who my longtime assistant to twenty five years picked up on its yard line. I kind of tossed through the bomb she was in end zone and by froze up and that was the first time in my life, I've really frozen up by any amount Gurry now. Ruining dig deep, but I it was scary in, you know, the review if he begged for three reasons one is a legacy project for people get, you know, what days on the big restaurant, this guy wanted that awkward to my voice. It's two part book story of the Horatio Alger story from high school dropout runaway last week, last building a nice restaurant out base. And then it's a ratio algebra pardon. The other half is better company culture and values and how we put them to work and in how that has created the this restaurant company that I'm so blessed lead today. So, so the so I did it for legacy piece. I did it for to help push our brand forward in their for people to laying and Thirdly, I did it for to share with others. And then people we made a service industry, the restaurant industry. You know, you name it, it's just it's great reading in the feedbacks. Very good has really the ultimate. Enron Gulf News. People like to do so. What was the what was the cold feet? What were you scared of? Well, it's like a tattoo right, big tattoo. It's permanent. You just can't. Hey, gimme all these books Bank take this back. You know, it's, it's permanent scary that didn't want to put something out there. You know, I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it. I didn't want to put something out there that, you know, people wouldn't like or like our asteroid thought of your maniac or what, you know, whatever. I mean. Anyway, feedback feedback eilly one, it was I I love it. I felt like I was right there with you. It's easy read. It was critically motivity. I get lots of letters people say they bought a team. They bought you know, except for and, and that's, that's the thing for me shows, hopefully, other people find value in therefore, I'm happy with it. You know. So are you obviously being in, in a solid position of his point of your career? How how? Often or how likely or how, how open are you to investing in others at this point given the fact that people invested in new to get started? Another great question. So I have a rule Sunday. I've invested in several other startups to kind of pay it forward. And honestly, not any of them have really done anything when we are done very well. So, unfortunately, but on the same token, I have on my desk, here, my fourth or goals, I'm still writing goals go away, and they had tell me one of fourth quarter my career, I'm really into chairman's role written number through chairman in folks on my college is one of the store strategy chief strategy officer, to second is stewardship chief steward of the company and I've done. We're we, we just leading the charge for, we're starting new forty million dollar eighty thousand square foot new stadium near hospitality management school on the state college here, and we're Lee donors for that project was it'd be Mitchell hall on the state schoolhouse time management at Mitchell Hawn, my friends can't joke. You're never academic early. You sit down. You know, we were Opie are budder food hall on a couple of months that we have eight young entrepreneur food people net in our goal, there is to help take than the bricks and mortar eventually in the all the resources of shift partners of ours. Too of cameras restaurants to move forward. I started. I am a young restaurant tour group that lead have six restaurant tours in Columbus near the have, you know, one two, three four restaurants. I mean, we need by monthly for four hours and break bread and has whining and talk shop and my goal there is to help them avoid some of it falls. I did. So, you know, in just work in a more ways to just you know, put it out there and then be that's doer of unity, and in Stewart of our industry and so forth. Two little ancillary to what you do, but it's definitely related. I don't know if you know this or not, but, but I've owned actually liquor dot com. That, that domain since ninety eight loop you ever want to diversify wish to have conversation about liquor, Dr. The line. And you know, maybe there's some very good. Yeah. Yeah, that's, that's a good one for sure. But Yemen, really, really appreciate you sharing so much with us here today is the is the goal then potentially two tags it or break off into pieces off of the current or we just leaving it to the family now. And, and what what's the what is the exit plan from from here forward, you know, I'm not sure I really have one like I said, I really hilly attention to sell obviously would have someone Darden came along, or whatever, but, you know, for the right number, but seems like for t- that would be the Gada rights, you the right to write that check. No, he doesn't pay very well. No. We wouldn't give it away, but, you know, I mean, you think about it three hundred ten me in today, we could be, you know, you know, we could be a billion in next five year or fifteen years. Excuse me. Our goal is to grow, and I've always said, everybody, we, we do a great job. And we grow in worship says, full than, you know, things common, and so, but that's not necessarily intention, and, you know, we'll see, but I'm rate time we're actually getting rain, maybe start getting into attell business. I've always wanted to be in a boutique hotel business. Well, sort of deal. There are net is this in, you know, we'll see where it takes us. But we'll continue to live within our goals and our values for. We're gonna be okay. You see way to chill to be a rough like like any any guys that I've ever seen? I mean just seems to be such a high pressure industry and you seem like such a chill, dude. It's like. Intense. I want to I I'm definitely matured over the years. And I was pretty intense in my younger days, really, which which mountain are we willing to die on? And the answer is no more mountains, right? It's. Yeah. Exactly. Very, very cool. So I help it. Everybody else out taking care of our people taking care of her. Yeah. You'll you'll appreciate this story. Have you been in Columbus here entire life? Is that why you started there in? Yeah. Or raised. Yeah, man. So I is a little aside a little Columbus story. Do you do? You remember Bob Massey. Who led CompuServe, Bob? Yeah. Yeah. So I so we launched on CompuServe's electric mall in nineteen Ninety-three. And so going back quite quite a long way. But I remember when Bob split off CompuServe, and a two pieces, and he's had CompuServe in the wild from CompuServe, and he was trying to capture, you know, a little bit younger anyway, went to the headquarters there. And that's where I mean they were just starting to really blow up in a couple of buildings and just doing really, really well. And I and I sent him an Email and I said. I I'm I'm really concerned that if you split this into two different flagship programs here CompuServe. And then while from CompuServe trying to go after that younger market, you're going to be in danger in tourist. Hell. I mean that's that's, you know writing on the wall. But anyways, just Columbus a great town. And, you know, just so such a great entrepreneurial spirit there, and really again, appreciate you spending so much time with us here on beyond eight figures. If people want more information about you Cameron or obviously can go read the book. Yes, is the answer. What is, you know, what's the question, but any particular place? You want folks.

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