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This is the aim via on espn radio and on the esp up capital into the studio expire out sees it in the nba joe johnson go to the rockets reportedly derek rose he's got interest for the washington wizards now espn's aid your boj aroused a report marko bela ellie bought out by the atlanta hawks his committed decided with the philadelphia seventy six hurt dealt with at least thirty one years old gotta clear waivers will be an unrestricted free agent on monday mega filling as they try to make a push towards the playoffs we go back to open pj carlos about here's adam amin thanks very much kdub ninety six seventy daigle of state us up there i thought markel joe manali might endofyear use here before he's a good player in goldstein spin lebed's governor lack of harmon shooting off the package i thought belly would have been a good fit dark about a good fit klay thompson to hate for 10 from the field fight for 5 from the 3point line adopted shooting very well as of late about thirty six percent over a period of a couple of weeks but he has been uh tonight near san antonio ten of the shot clock guarantee hillier jump past right corner to anderson shot bake on breban great penetrates picks to hilliard step back left wing fully humble wait too long statutory rebound by eva dahlloff over two defenders i had a living st living's they try to feed a pass inside of its kicked by hillier another good defense of possession for golden state they've really ratcheted up the defense and the badge just struggle to give me think dr neil we've documented that aid for twenty seven uh for the bench players tell you talk about guys gone fifty forty ninety individuals how about the tea golden state.

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