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I was having the worst day of my life, usually I'm like down to Chit chat. Whatever not was. Yeah. Well, so I guess we we could quickly recap. Christmas because we didn't get to talk about it on our last episode Christmas was super fun. I'm going to leave my family out of this one just to like, let them sleep one extra night this year. They don't need to hear me talk about the gun on the podcast now. But you and I did a little gift exchange did Alex. Fellner this website. And I like wanna post the lean and it literally is titled like shady gifts or like gifts to get shady people. So naturally Sophian I r- sitting at our apartment where like click fuck yet. First of all, if you tell them what you got me because it's brilliant. Okay. It's basically if you're shady motherfucker these are perfect gifts. I got Alex double screen protector for her phone. It is like an inch thick, and it makes it so that like you cannot see what is happening on that person's phone unless you have like literally special three d glosses on her. How fucking extra literally I have an extra phone on top of my phone as a screen protector. So when people are looking at my phone with the fuck is going on make you need the glasses today. It's to the point where like only you can barely read your own. It's so dark. I am going to. Get away with so much more shit this year. No one no one can look over your shoulder, and like try and see any any nothing, then I return the favor as a great fucking friend. And I got so FIA Sophea has had some issues in the past with ex-boyfriends finding shit through her computer. Like we talk about catching guys with the ipad. You're basically dude guys catch with your computer? So what I got so feel is a lock for her, computer. And it's not just any normal law. I got so FIA basically fucking bike law this thing. So explain them. How? Okay. Guys, you guys we all have a password on not enough to me that no one gets into it. This lock is like a bike lock. It's like this thick material that you wrap around your left off like fifty times, and then it locks with like, a lock, this is my poem. What the fuck legit of bike love that you rap. And honestly, that's so just you could leave your laptop anyway, anywhere. Like when you're at the airport. I wanna run to the restroom, and I don't wanna leave. Oh, it's going to steal a laptop. That's fucking security book. No, right. We are locked and loaded. Our New Year's resolution is become shadier cheat. More be sketch or ruin men's live without getting caught. Okay. So about the cheating. You guys come on. We have no people keep writing in and be like they condone cheating. Shut up. I also think a lot of girls were writing in this past year. And like my boyfriend never pays attention to me when he's playing fortnight. This is what Sophian I have to say to that. You're going to start the new year off with a God damn bang, and it's going to include your goddamn vibrator, and obviously you're going to use it on yourself. But I don't mean that what I mean is girls, obviously, the vibe or any us on your sorry to go in and out of your pussy without shit. But there's another reason you can use it what you're gonna do guys is if he's playing for it night. He's not paying attention to you. You're gonna take your goddamn vibrator. You're going to get the USB or that used to charge that shit and instead of charging into the wall you're going to stick the USB cord into his goddamn XBox? So when he goes to turn on fortnight, he can see your pretty pink vibrator chilling getting ready for us. I am. I know I condone this so much because how many times have you been in that situation where guys completely fucking? Oh my God. And it's like the four nine I'm like, how can you play do literally the mini? He goes to pick up controller, and you're going to go in you're going to pick up your your vibrator, and you'll make you have fun..

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