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Hello and welcome to episode. Save forty four of lesbians you right. And this week we're going to be talking about all favourite festive books and films joining me. Claire Lydon is my co host the Christmas grinch TB Malkin San Hell ATP. Today I am the Christmas great. Actually I don't know if he could see my teacher. Peter Recording the What is it angry cat decorated as a Christmas tree and he looked really groping at me? Looks like a they very much a you kind of patient. Yes I don't have loyalty and there's a there's an uncompromising wrapped up in there somewhere unless he he can unwrap it. Pull pull the ribbon of. You're pretty often. And you got your grumpy Cap Teasha on say we already need to be Christmas Green Tonight and obviously I'm going to be the Christmas fairy until the tree remember. We talked about last week. Here the lightness darkness. Bring it Nice Iceberg. Saying give me a dauntless for the week TV Oh this week Oh my God I don't make I got so Remember last week when we talked in the middle of a mental mental breakdown about my lizzy novel do that Yes. Well it's been what almost a full week since we talked and I actually listen into you which is going to be shocking news. Because I usually don't listen to you but you told me I should be kind to myself and that I was not not handling the ending the getting over the finish line with Lizzie very well. Because I was stressed. And it wasn't ready and so I did. I pulled back. Change my editing date from The final edit to just another round before you can get to the final product until I was able to Nagel an extra five days on the editing deadline insulin. The new deadline is Friday so the next forty eight hours is gonNA really suck. I can almost feel like the week coming off my shoulders knowing that it wasn't the final product that I had to complete over the weekend and so I think it's coming together more. I mean it's still not there but I think it's coming together more in. It's been more enjoyable to write again. which is always a plus for writer because I think it shows for.

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