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Saint Peter and Paul church with cots that were donated some ways it's really the best of Detroit were seeing right now. And it's the spirit of Detroit, which is compassionate and generous and people like kids making blankets. I I love that. I love the idea that we're all kind of doing what we can. And would collectively we take care of one another times like these the most important piece of machinery in your house is the furnace. Chuck Breitenstein of the inside outside guys on WJR recommends keeping your furnace on the on setting at a lower than normal temperature newer units are gonna run at lower voltages solely newer units. They recommend that all the time. You'll be circulating lower volumes at lower velocities air. So you won't even know what's happening is just a far more efficient way to do it. Jack Rydin Stein talking with Paul W. Police in Tempe. Arizona say a lift driver who was more than six months pregnant has been fatally stabbed by customer. Governor. Jerry news time eleven three. Here's Steve Courtney. Sports Wednesday morning one end. All yes. It's cold outside and the pistons are cold as well, they fall to the Milwaukee Bucks. One fifteen one zero five last night at the Detroiters. Now have lost four or five twenty one of their last twenty eight bell host the Dallas Mavericks, seven o'clock tomorrow night. Meanwhile, Blake Griffin has heard the rumblings that he is not happy here in Detroit. But he corrected that after the ball game last night saying, no, he's happy. He's just very frustrated. Meanwhile, the number five ranked Michigan basketball wolverines on the home floor last night at a squared and they post a sixty five forty nine win over the state Buckeye Xavier Simpson way to go a triple double Michigan now on the road to face Hawkeye, seven o'clock on Friday night. Meanwhile, happy birthday Tom Izzo. Getting the Spartans ready. Easy to tangle with the Indiana hoosiers at the breslin center. Six o'clock Saturday night will have that for you. Meanwhile, Matthew, Stafford a new quarterbacks coach, what do you know, the third time in four seasons. His name is Shawn Ryan has spent the last three years with the Texans working with.

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