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And so then everybody levels up, and it's like, you're all holding each other to each other standards. And I think that's part of what like delights me so much about you calling my work ethic. Legendary is I don't actually think it is. But I just think it's gotten that way because I'm accountable Terek. And she has a legendary word or. We have different expectations. It's like erica's like a really hard worker, and I'm more of like, maybe like a perfectionist or something. So that it's like you put those two things together. And then it's like you have something really special. We do it's partially. I do think it's something a little bit being women. I also think it's just the friendship layer to it. But it's like I feel really responsible to her any feel like representing her. So I wanna represent her standards to and meet those another woman we interviewed for the book, the three women behind the law firm Cam are in Chicago. There's a line one of the interviews. It is I just live not to embarrass them. I think it would be that just felt so like totally and that will put you on such a high playing field. We're here in the room with the right one. And we've always things that they say like, this is how you're supposed to pick a partner like a romantic partner, whatever, and I was like this big friends to like you care about how they work, and you care about their standards, and you care about embarrassing them all time. I also think around the time when we started the business we were maybe a little bit sub consciously looking for relationships like those in the world, and there was this business. We're obsessed with on the Lower East Side called Sorolla. And they were workwise. There was this idea. Like, oh, that's so cool that they did this thing together. And remember just thinking about that to work with your friends? Yeah. And I think that there are more and more examples of women like that in a world, and one of the things we want to do with the book with surface it and just make it more obvious because I think women's business stories don't get told as much especially women who may became to came to power like twenty years ago or something there's just so many stories that don't get hold. And I love it you off so much of the origins of so many of these businesses in how they think about it because and this is a little different for I would say like for us for a lot of women who are older, it was also that they didn't have opportunities men wouldn't give them money or or the power differential with so much as well like working with a man in the business who is the one that holds the money or the power or the connections because those women went through that it we had a larger imagination for the fact that we could do this with other women at say. Like, you know, we don't face the challenges of venture capital or whatever. But this is a lane. That is very carved finding another woman this path exists. I don't have to reinvent the wheel. And I can just keep doing that. And wondering if there were things that surprised you when you were talking specifically to to older women about how they chose to do their business partnerships, the founders Hanky panky the underpants company. Which we know I had no idea before we started working on the book that they day our work lives..

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