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But the fight then shifted a bit because yes, we still have Al Qaeda but things by the time I got out 2000 for 2005 things with Iraq or Spira spiraling out of control. But once we got to 2006 It was clear that the real jihadists, the major jihadist focal point, the battlefield was in fact Iraq, so I switched to the Iraq office from doing work against Al Qaeda leadership, effectively Al Qaeda leadership targeting Finding the bad guys. Finding the bad guys. Through just going through a ton of reports and intel and use it all the Fancy tricks and classified sources and methods at all the stuff that a CIA analyst has then all of a sudden I find myself doing the work of of that work on the Iraq desk. Whenever Abu Musab al Zarqawi, right Al Qaeda in Iraq, this became the biggest terrorist entity in the world. And I want Teo. I went to Iraq to try toe. Assist in the mission. Perhaps one day I'll have to write a memoir and get it cleared so I can talk more about that. And I went to Afghanistan once went back to Iraq later on, and then I went went to Afghanistan. Because of the surge in Taliban fighting and in preparation for the Obama administration's major surge of Marines into Helmand and and the rest of it. I'm sure you probably know and then I found myself back here, working At the NYPD Intelligence Division. And right after I joined right after the Najibullah Zazi case, that was the subway bomber, the guy that was going to blow up the subway. And then the Faisal Shahzad. Times Square bombing happened around in the middle of my time there. And we had worked that case, but there are many others as well. Some that came public some that you know, we're just kept in the intel realm of possible major mass casualty threats to the city of I think when they counted all up, it ended up being And end up being over. And this was as of a few years ago over 14 major plots against the city of New York after 9 11 Now, So many of you listening right now. Our NYPD or former NYPD yourself were served in the military Broad and God bless you. And thank you for what you've done. Actually wore the uniform. No at my best. I was trying to help the guys in the uniform. Find the worst of the worst find the bad guys to get them. I never put on the uniform myself, though, and I have a special respect. There's a riel. Dignity and honor and courage that that goes with actually wearing that uniform that many of you did. Now we think about what happened to our city the way that we all came together almost 20 years now, 19 years after that incident That changed the world. And it took us time. A tremendous amount of blood and treasure lost an effort. What if somebody really looks back on this in 50 years when the historians look and see the war on terror? Which started because of those planes, hitting our buildings here in New York. And at the Pentagon in D, C and the plane that went down because of those Patriots in Pennsylvania. The historians look back at this and 50 years, 100 years they will have to say they will be able to see In America that you and me, my fellow Americans. We won that war on terror that was started right here in NY C 19 years ago. Let's get into some of the news of the day, including what's going on. I've got I've got good news for you. Actually, there's another peace deal. What's the peace deal and much more coming up? But let's also make.

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