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These animals are crazy I'm Dave Anthony Fox News President Trump just, tweeted that after an attack in Britain demand is, in his late twenties. And he's been arrested on suspicion of terrorism, offenses Scotland, Yard assistant Commissioner Neil bassoon, had happened in London during, morning rush hour, Silva car out of. Nowhere rush hour traffic outside parliament careered off parliament square. And sped up some estimates put him in about fifty, miles an. Hour he came round one Cohen he- knocked over about ten cyclists. Before then trying to get inside parliament's. Crashing into one of. The gates FOX has Benjamin hall of the scene three people. Were injured one seriously President Trump also just tweeted about maroshek medical. Newman the White House assistant who calls him a. Racist and mental decline the. President wrote she was a crazed crying low-life he gave her a break it didn't work out and he praised his chief of staff for firing that dog and the president was out campaigning for a Republican in. New York last night and brought up the state's democratic governor Andrew Cuomo he called Me and he said I'll never run for president against you but maybe he wants to please. Do it The president also said anybody who runs against him suffers and the polls are just opening now, in Minnesota and, Wisconsin where Senate races are getting the, most attention FOX's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington One. Race to watch him Wisconsin the Republican Senate primary for a, chance, NC democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin state lawmaker Leoluca MIR has the, backing of the GOP establishment. Air campaign is a Wisconsin based, campaign my primary opponents campaign is receiving support from DC insider gross Kevin. Nicholson, marine vet says he's running as an outsider in Minnesota, both Senate seats at stake primaries being held the challenge democrat Amy, klobuchar in, to fill the. Seat of former democratic Senator Al Franken Dave Rachel there also going for governor in Connecticut and Vermont or one of the Democrats running as a fourteen year old boy Fox News fair and balanced Heels. Seven oh two good morning I'm Mark Caesar this update is brought to you by balchunas dental new car sales remain on pace for another all. Time record year in Austin the statesman reports July sales total ten thousand four hundred, forty one new vehicles economists view new vehicle sales is a key, indicator of consumer confidence mental health services are being reduced for students in the Austin. Schools the ISD has, an operational, budget of one point six, billion but even with that superintendent Dr ball crews says they're, still, one point.

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