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A premium price i could give you a couple more personalized options i know a girl actually who um she does leg tour guides who just travelled a lot travelled a time and so cuba especially in our area how is how do we go to cuba like everyone has a question about cuba she's just started putting guides together and charging for them and rana's those simple anc hazard flake if it the times as well because he ran away wants a full blown like travel agent right right and get on the flights but like just tailoring its like how much involvement people want yet yeah it's also a you guys have done i wanna hear whether whether your community or on your own yeah we'll tell you can the choline i feel like 2018 is also adding it in addition to being a great year it's an intentional year and just be really specific about like what we use our money toward when we empower with it and cana continuing that legacy i'm here for well thank you guys for tuning an gilo while gone mlk day yes we hope you are as inspired as we are to go forth angeles create for yourself and for your community ccri 8 of don't forget if you have career alive questions or just you know no a pick our brain weeds we will do that for free air coin liar has hit us up job locks dot com slash ask job logs and of course many many thanks to our sponsor when united bank america's largest blackowned bank yes they live this everything we talked about some day economic empowerment and supporting our communities 247 said check them out at one united dot com or at one united around the web and of course we want to hear from you again tell us your ideas for creative ways for financial empowerment were at job loss all around the web and oil.

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