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Which helps and that kind of keeps him in there. But Mainly has the potentially has the ability to To do exactly what it did tonight. And, you know, we've all seen that before it be nice to get him going offensively. Well, he got going offensively last night, albeit for just a little bit, but big hit. So here's the wild card situation in the National Lake. You have the Giants. You have the Dodgers. Most likely it's It's going to be the Dodgers who win the wild card, although right now Both the Giants and the Dodgers are tied equally. 87. It's 50 87. I'm sorry. 86, 50 86 50 and both have healthy leads. It's the second wild card really? That's up in the air and the Reds right now, As I said her a half game ahead of the Padres, 2.5 ahead of the Cardinals, three ahead of the Phillies. Even the Mets are hanging in there just 4.5 back with only a handful of games to go. With the Reds need more than anything else is to get this thing. At least to a point in the final week of the season, where they have some sort of comfortable lead over whomever is directly behind them at the Padres, the Cardinals of the Phillies, then You can figure out how you want to sit your pitching for a one game playoff, and it's not just the starter who's going to have to be situated perfectly for that. Would have to also be the relievers and who is getting innings leading up to that final week of the season. Look, you got to win to get in, and if you've got to use everybody to get in in that final game of the season Well, then everybody is has to be available. But you don't want that You want your players, particularly your pitchers rested because in a one game playoff playing out on the West Coast Which is not always been Congenial to the Reds. That could be a dicey situation. So we'll see how it goes A lot of turf still to go 25 games to go and three teams legitimately with a shot. At that second wild card spot, But for the moment for the moment at 73 64 the Reds a half game up on the Padres, the Padres with a game in hand, Uh, maybe like you. I watched I watched the You know, you see football team last night. I watched that game against Miami. You talk about games that a team should win. That was a game that you see should have one. All due respect to Miami, which is coached by a terrific guy and gets its share of players that allows it to be competitive in the Mac. You're playing in your home stadium. You're playing against a team from the Mac. You should win that game. And that's what the University of Cincinnati did. I said this yesterday. Jim Kelly on the air with me. The terrific color commentator on on Bear Cats football game games on 700 wlw. I said to him, this is the most eagerly anticipated season. That I can remember. And I think you'd be hard pressed to find a season that has been as eagerly anticipated by a fan base in the last generation, if indeed, a generation is defined as 25 years Well yesterday. University of Cincinnati, largely behind its defense, collectively and individually, Desmond Ritter took it to Miami, 49 to 14. This game was over by and large in the first quarter. Desmond Ritter was terrific. 20 of 25 295 yards. He averaged about 12 yards per pass four touchdowns. He rushed for another. Got some major major exposure in national media last night. And if you were if you were just critically watching this game, sure you saw some flaws. I mean, Ritter threw an interception. Goofy as it was, he threw an interception. Prater threw an interception. I think Evan Prater is going to be a phenomenal quarterback when his time comes. It's obviously not this season, but they got to been there for a little bit. And in terms of of just grinding out yardage. Can you not be excited? What you saw from Jerome Ford 121 yards on the ground averaged 10 yards a carry. Had a 50 yard run. That was just absolutely terrific. And, of course, a touchdown. Prater rushed for another touchdown as well, and we talked yesterday. About the receiving cord core that that that you see has tighter. Scott Jaden Thompson. Alec Pierce, Uh, Jordan Jones. I mean, they're all they're all there, and we're all intricate yesterday in the passing game, So he's a man you might expect after the game. Luke Fickell was feeling pretty good. It was on the air Here on 700. W, well W and w E B n And the topic turned to Ritter and the performance he had. Here's what fickle said about Ritter a guy again. That just was was terrific. I mean, in his accuracy. Absolutely terrific. Give me I'll give you the stats again, Desmond Ritter yesterday. Was 20 of 25. And threw for 295 yards. Just about 12 yards, a catch and for touchdowns on the air. What touched down on the ground Fickle on Ritter after the game was over. He did a great job. You know, I felt bad. We were going to give him one series in the second half. And you know, it kind of grew a little bit. Um, you.

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