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Virgin dot com Ford slash fastest way. And Dave, I love you so much. Thank you so much for being here. And being such a great friend for, ever. Thanks, JJ. I love you right back. And thank you for your work in the world and for sharing knowledge. And also just making it accessible. I am still traumatized that I spent so much time tired and fat and miserable and doing things that didn't work. I had the willpower I had the desire and I just didn't have the knowledge. And you have been such a wealth of knowledge for so many people. And heck, I wouldn't have become a four times New York Times bestselling author without you helping me. So I am forever in your debt, anything I can do to help you on there. Thank you, my friend. All right, so there you have it every myth about fasting busted, plus you'll learn a little bit about some of the things Dave and I have been up to over the years. We've been hanging out for gosh over a decade now. So I want to remind you to jump into that challenge. It is fantastic. You can get a JJ virgin dot com slash fastest way for free. And he really does a beautiful job of meeting you where you are and helping you walk through and get fasting into your life without going through any pain to do it. And also, if you've not yet subscribed to JJ, yep, that's it. Subscribe to JJ dot com. It's as simple as that to subscribe to this podcast so you never miss an awesome episode. See you next time..

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