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Jersey office for the IRS he is advising residents of a few warning signs and straight up scams to look out for as we lead up to tax day special agent Robert glance in the New York field office says when choosing a tax return preparer you want to avoid anyone who promises a larger refund than last year if they know nothing about your financial situation air bases their feet on a percentage of your refund again you do not want use that prepare if you got a call from the quote I arrest unquote he adds no that the agency would never threaten you or create this big sense of urgency or ask for payment in the form of a prepaid debit card the no fly me on New Jersey one a one point five news somebody jerseys first news five twenty five a freak accident is killed South Jersey man forty year old Paul berry working on a car in his driveway when the vehicle rolled on top of it the accident happened early in the day apparently by state police didn't get a call until after two AM governor Murphy visiting Rutgers University to announce a package of ethics in government reforms he wants the legislature to approve spanning from lobbying to financial disclosure to the transparency of the legislative process for if he says about the clause or modernize the Jersey ins can regain faith about the way business is conducted in the state house Indian unprecedented access to the political process these proposals will shine light into the dark corners or politics and re instill faith as best we can those elected to serve are there to serve the people all the people not the special or their own interests there are nine ideas spread across five bills they have bipartisan sponsors but some ideas such as making more legislative record.

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