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Their surprise, they discovered that the waterway led to a harbor. They had previously mapped near gadget bay. This proved that the land they had been sailing next to was an island and not part of the mainland. Captain George Vancouver then named the spot deception pass. After being deceived into thinking, it was a mouth of a river. And then he trotted north and discovered a much larger island than whitby that now bears his name. Brian Calvin, northwest news radio. Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio. A year and a half hiring spree by America's retailers may be winding down. The AP reports that retailers are now tempering their recruiting namita pullback in consumer spending the prospect of an economic downturn and soaring labor costs. And some analysts suggest that merchants have also learned to do more with fewer workers. Americans continue to borrow lots of money, the Federal Reserve said Friday, the amount of credit consumers used rose in May by a sharp $22.3 billion. That is a big increase, but it was actually smaller than what economists had expected, and not as large as the jumps seen the prior two months. Revolving credit, including credit cards, increased at an 8.1% annual rate in May, while non revolving credit mainly auto and student loans climbed at a 5.2% pace. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. 76% of employees have struggled with at least one issue that affected their mental health. When you share, you're not alone. Ask about your company's emotional health benefits, visit part, dot

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