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Get aspects <unk> as well and we will much more into that later right now. It's not important for them to have aspects so. I'm just going to let you know that we're we're going to be spending most of our time in washington in forks washington. It's a kind of a small town in washington. <hes> it is surrounded rounded by woods so one of the places that we are going to be spending our time is the woods in another place that we're going to be spending our time is the forks works high school because two of our main characters are high school students awesome and then i also so <hes> i'm going to give you guys a couple of <hes> faces. So <hes> this really adds a lot of drama an interesting aspects to the story. Do you have vampire boehner's. They are benjamin. <hes> you see okay should not writes that christ yeah okay. You're the wind and rain in owners is in alex. How did shy then don't blame on other people when it was clearly you it was me the size of the side. What keller you type happen. I did do a do a frame and it was on. Could you possibly think that was me. No i knew the whole time it was alex. I was playing. I was playing along with him all right so one of our faces and again our people are going to have aspects as well but i don't want to give you guys aspect respect for these. I'm going to flesh them out later one of them. I'm not going to give you eighty information about whatsoever but our first one hey and arm i face vase is jacob black and he is a teenager and a neighboring town and this aspect the town is names food yeah there since he can. I also make another <hes>. Can i can. I make a little world building suggestions absolutely please can we can we please <hes> and i feel like forks. High school is a little boring and i would just i would just feel a lot better. If my person was <hes> going to a high school that was named after someone from washington state that is just that like really represents the state and i would like that i would. I would like that to be a ryan styles highschool who you're not going to high school benjamin. You're an adult man. Oh that's right. I'm not the main character and not the man that i am sending my child could have gone to any school across the united states to be fair. I went there too. I went. I went to that school so yeah. Charlie charlie troubling is an alum of ryan styles high school awesome <hes>. Does anyone else have any suggestions because honestly i would love player suggestions. I think that's what we're supposed to have a suggestion. Can we name the high school after the town guide five moving on moving on on no i have a note. I haven't note not really a suggestion okay so we're doing a ginger band of twilight but yes. I see that you're keeping ping jacob black a ha- i appreciate that awesome try. I'm trying to follow where you're going and appreciate appreciate that awesome. I'm glad that you guys are picking up. I'm sitting down and actually did not until this very moment where interested in the show notes. We're going to put that give taking and we're also going to put in the photo of g._n._c. and i in our team. Adverse pressure themselves referring to is when haley and i were in high school we had matching team edward shirts because we were team edward at the time for some reason at the time at the time so we're we're digressing now but i i have to also mention that gnc and i both oh three red twilight just a month or two ago yeah and it's pretty neat to see how much we have changed immature 'cause we're both like what the fuck and artisan asset but at the same time so yes yes absolutely but at the same time like all of the like teenage the hills that i had just came rushing. They came back. I was like i don't want these right now right. They came back in. That's why i had to read all the books and just finished the fourth book like today connects to continue. I also i have been reading book a little bit and today i read the words clamly moist so i was like you only need one of those words but you use both for some reason all right so we've got jacob black teenage boy in neighboring town. I'm not going to give him an aspect yet. We will flesh flesh out his character later the other face that we've got <hes> we got vampires and i'm not not going to give you any information about vampires. We will talk about them later. These are our this is our setting. Our issues are faces in places. You guys got any questions or suggestions. Are there other people you plan. That charlie knows or are we going to be making those up on the spot. I would love for you to tell me who your best friend is or someone who you would like to include in this <hes> faces section okay. Oh oh okay so remind me so. I don't know this very well. What's charlie's like job. He is in the movie and the books. He's like like the police chief. Use the cheek. He is the boss yeah. He's the he's the chief of police much like david harper's character in stranger things so my best friend is. She's a forest ranger okay. Her name is madge. I don't have a last name for her. <hes> manage forrester boy. I know what i'm gonna go forward. We're going to hang a lantern on it. She sees her name. Her name is man's forester forrester n._c. Like gets it all the time. He's like my last name was far so forth razor. She's a forest ranger. Would you like to give an aspect or some kind of descriptors for her life. She's outdoorsy outdoorsy. Okay <hes> so. I think let's say so aspects. It's really important that they are balanced and kind of double edged positive and negative so let's say loves being in the outdoors rugged yeah yeah something like that. That's something that could be used against her a bit. It's also apologizing like she's not. She's not. She's specifically not indoorsy right okay. Thank you right there. We go match forrester. She's a forest ranger to ours forster. I do too ours. Is this going to be similar to the beginning of our or the regular story of twilight where i am coming into this town fresh new <hes> that is a great question for you alex because one one of the things that fake core really likes floor the players to do is um during episode zero during character creation is is that you create ada backstory for your character and then you kind of pass that back story to someone else and they become part of the backstory like a very minor character or a supporting rolling that back story so for that purpose. I think you already living here is a really good idea. Maybe not for long. Maybe you just moved here a couple of months ago but <hes> starting out in phoenix and flying to washington doesn't really work for that but there is another option. If that is what you want to do when you ask if if what i'm just wondering because if i'm creating a face and and i just got here it might be difficult having just got here but if i've been here for i could create like a best friend buddy side kick yeah absolutely. Would you like mike to already have made a best friend in the two months that you've been here. Okay arctic <hes> haley what about you would. Would you like one of your vampire family members or someone else well yeah. I kind of had a question about that. Since you have <music> have vampires in there <hes> very broad term i believe <hes> i'll just go ahead and say that for the back story of <hes> stella i wanted to basically keep it the same as edwards because i i liked edwards backstory yeah absolutely me too <hes> so that would kind of involve at least having carlisle all right at carlisle then okay got carlisle cohen he- is had vampire dad and and salutes all think about an aspect for carlisle cullen so something that describes him something that he die of something that is who he is doctor of medicine. Listen yeah okay so he's absolutely a doctor of medicine. He's very good at it. He is very good at it so do paul empire doctor of medicine alright character the creation so when we are making our characters first of all i have already made you guys lo- character sheets so what i want you guys to do is go ahead and open up the character the character that is your character so ben open up charlie alex bradley in haley open up stella. The first thing that we really have to come up with is a thing called old high concept so your high concept aspect so we talked a little bit earlier about aspects in how aspects are you're really descriptors for your characters. <hes> who your character is what your character dies what your character's like so your hi concept is really like your job or at the most important thing about you. It doesn't have to be negative at this can just be like a pretty broad descript or bite in some way scottish be kind of interesting so <hes> in this part. We're going to help each each other out. So haley is playing stella colin. She is a vampire. She is an eighteen year old vampire how long you've been eighteen. Eh awhile perfect so hailey. Let's think of a really good like like core description of a stela cullen okay so again like what i said earlier. I want to keep the back story. Worry of edward collins because i think it's a really good back story. I agree and i tried to think of different. I don't really want to say the vampire superpower but that's basically what they have when they become vampire so i i for <hes> a stella. I did keep deep the telepathic vampire so i love telepathic vampire but could like how does she feel about being <unk> of vampire or being telepathic her feelings towards being a vampire are not very good she doesn't she never really accepted the role of being vampire. The telepathic part of it is she sees it as somewhat of of a <hes>. I guess you you say quirk. Okay a positive to the negative yeah okay so what would be a good adjective for telepathic vampire like as she troubled ishii forceful remorseful. Maybe remorseful skin and.

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