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Pat, gray only on the blaze radio network. To hear what the best movie of all time is what would you? What's the best horror movie you've ever seen? I can't even you know, watch them. Don't usually. Yeah. I haven't watched green is the last one I watched and it was good. That's comedy. Right. I mean, that's that's there's some horror. Aw. Orange says soft growth, I I haven't seen saw. But I've heard saw is it's pretty gruesome though, right? They call it. They call it saw. Because the guy takes us saw two people. Right and cuts portions of their body off with a song. I mean, that's beautiful. What what is what would you not want to see about that? I mean, I've course you want to watch bodies be sought robbed on classic, Freddie. You know, Friday, the thirteenth no nightmare on elm street. Freddy, Kruger pretty Krueger Jason is is Jason Kidd, which was younger. Yeah. I think the first Halloween movie was my last Halloween movie my last real movie. Yes. Although did I think saw the ring somewhere along the line that was that wasn't gory. That was just kind of creepy because a little girl was involved. It's always scarier, it seems when there's a child involved, and there's they're evil in some way thing though, that I've ever seen and I didn't realize I guess I kind of realized what I was getting into was the fourth quarter of the falcons patriots SuperBowl couple of years ago, and probably the most terrified I've ever been. Somehow it always comes back to fell or the condos scarred for life. Football. My wife, and I saw ghost story like many years ago like thirty years ago or so and I remember that being scary. But I haven't seen it in three decades. So I'm not sure if it still holds up, but go story, I think John houseman was in that a little concerned that maybe it's like, you're poltergeist experienced. Yes. Yes. Which we finally showed that to the kids because I thought man they going to be blown away by this movie. Nobody does it like Steven Spielberg, man. Laughed at it. The whole time. Did not hold up. Well, some folks on Twitter, worship leader Caleb is as the exorcist is the movie. Yeah. I wouldn't. Yeah. Agean that is wouldn't see that one. That one's a little too. Real little too scary. For me. I I wouldn't that. That is something that would actually. Unnerved me because you know, it's actually about Satan, if it's about ghosts, or you know, vampires or monsters doesn't bother me because I know that's not real. Yeah. Okay. Gen-xer Kim using the hashtag put that in your pipe tweet zone. That Hannibal Hannibal is very scary for her. Okay. So haven't seen that one. I can't I I would imagine is that that's is that about Hannibal Lecter. Yeah. Yeah. So that's the follow up to silence of the lambs. Right. And so I never saw that. Either sounds very good. We're here hearing children of the corn. Okay. Haven't seen that one. Either. What happens when you give up? Movies for four decades. Hard to carry that topic. Aliens saying down the hall there. Okay. It's certainly grows thing pops out of and if Dylan says it, then it's obviously I mean, that's it. And that's a fact alien is the. The. A really that ends it as you know, he's always write about something. I'd like to hear from somebody who's seen the net. Flicks. Movie the hunting of hill house because I understand. Yeah. I read an article about the haunting of hill house, and they said people were vomiting and passing out from watching it. They wouldn't go to sleep at night that couldn't go to sleep at night sleep with the lights on. I mean, it was supposedly super disturbing. So if anybody's ever if anybody's seen the haunting of hill house, I'd like to hear what your thought what you thought about that? Triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three also you can tweet us at paddock leased from the fourth horseman. This was from when we were playing Alison Cammarata. Oh, CNN CNN stuff. Please stop Alison Cammarata voices is aggravating Hillary's voice and Beddoes. Guitar. My ears are bleeding. Yeah..

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