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Never felt that he was that ultimate destructive force on the on the defensive side of the ball just never felt there was there and he say okay well mr anti dolphin mr anti jason taylor we give me guys that were that disruptive force on the other so ball and i will look he guys that are currently in the hall of fame front from my error guys that i got to watch basically your entire careers richard dent with the chicago bears yeah chris doleman would the vikings kevin greene joe greene these guys you look said you got to know where they are on the field at all times how we long john and randall the bills bruce smith of the bucks we roy selmon michael stray hand reggie white jack young blood and look at one with weren't warmer my putting jason taylor on that list of the guys any mothers other defensive ends in in the hall of fame put guys i can't really comment on currency most of the careers of the we give throwing charles haley dan hampton in to the guys i saw too and then you'd be guys who are really didn't see play but i know plenty in about an annual yeah you know like a deacon jones oh boy carl eller sure jason taylor above any of them any will not that i think and again i'm not sure i despaired jason taylor but the hall of fame is supposed to be for this special players and i believe the football hall of fame has room things with their minimums i'll have to have a lease four players in duct that every year why no more than seven though boob four number one and so there's eight deserving guy somebody does get in and if there's only three deserving guys we gotta find one more deported two ridiculous kurt warner when recent people angry when it comes to haul of people okay yeah kurt warner glows in that special hall for hall of great human beings and current water for three years ninety ninety nine two thousand two thousand one special doesn't even begin to explain it paul look at the offense greatest show interpret was buried were okay how about the completion percentages sixty five sixty seven point seven it was called sixty eight and sixty nine so sixty five sixty eight and sixty nine those route three years completely percentages led the league he each and every year forty eight.

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