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Right out of the 6foot5 six foot six uh you know growing into their bodies 200 and and thus eighty pounds already i mean i think he's going to be something special jaylen mayfield what are you seeing him uh athletic tackle also from the state of michigan played in the army all american game did it did a heck of a job basketball player himself uh very athletic mustafa muhammad jumps off at the tape freakish ability to jump to run to to catch and you know one of the top rated tight ends a thick second the country the green brothers i want to tell the story of combined green and german green dead a thorough uncle at that he played for you at the western kentucky anthony green was one of the one of the great athletes said we were coat a coached at a western kentucky a receiver tremendous athlete kickoff punt return guy i'll play with the dallas cowboys for year play with the forty nine or for a while was an undrafted free agent into the mohsen these are his nephews remind me a lot of them physically when you when you look at him when you see hall law rams led long leg long armed athletes at run track another multi knows combination that that you recruited there but an anthony a personality great story about him one time were were played against the southeast missouri at the time it's missouri state now we set up this kickoff return to the right and the ball came down the field anthony got it on about a threeyard line and started to the right and all at once he stopped about three steps into it stop cold and then he re reversed a field to the i say to the right was to the right refers to feel to the left and outrun the entire team to the goal line for a kickoff return naira.

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